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Okay, Crimson and Tsunami saw the scene with the gang leader blasting one of his men, and of course Jessica did as well.  SFX is currently being held up by a lecherous gang member and did not see what happened up in the loft area, though, she might realize something happened soon.


So, give me an idea of how each of you plan to react to all this, and that will dictate if we go to initiative now or not.

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No, you are right CB, you get a star for following directions :)


But really, Thunder told me in chat that Crimson Tiger was just going to wait, so there was no harm in his posting that.  Blaze has been slammed by work, so I know she was just trying to get through things and SFX is generally away from the center of things.  It was rather key for me to know what Jessica was going to do, as the gang leader is just not going to let her waltz up to him as if nothing just happened.  So, what is Jessica going to do?

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Well, I am going to leave SFX out of the initiative at the moment, neither she nor many of the gang members not on the loft are going to be able to be immediately reactive to what is going on.  She likely will be part of the initiative next round.

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Mali is going to do what Mali does best. She's going to charge up to the guy who just fired the energy blast and knock him for a loop with a running knee. Full power attack; 


24 That's a +10 to attack, +2 from the charge for a total of +15, then -5 for a full power attack. DC27 TOU save if it hits. 

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