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Puigo (PL10)

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Player Name: Blarghy
Character Name: Pugio
Power Level: 10/12 (183PP)
Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage (Strike), +5 Defense / -5 Toughness
Unspent Power Points: 3
In Brief: Ancient Praetorian resurrected by the Lor
Residence: CoVic Station
Base of Operations: The Devotion
Alternate Identity: Chyrxax Sigga
Identity: Public
Birthplace: Jolem's Third Moon
Occupation: Praetorian Spaceship Pilot
Affiliations: Praetorians
Family: Long Dead

Age: 24 (DOB over 2,000 Years Ago)
Apparent Age: 40s
Gender: Male
Species: Jol
Height: 3' 7"
Weight: 58 lbs.
Eyes: Pink
Hair: None


The simplest description for Puigo is probably "were-octopus."  He's a little ball of whipping limbs and a tail (the two being hard to distinguish without seeing which way his head is facing) dressed in a sky blue mesh uniform with white trim, full of ancient technology courtesy of the now-defunct Delaztri.  From behind, Puigo seems to have no head at all thanks to how he instinctively tucks it between his "shoulders," such as they are, unless he cranes his neck for a better view.  Said neck and all other appendages can stretch to several times their normal length; his skin is incredibly wrinkly by default to accommodate this, though his bodysuit usually hides that.  


Instead of fingers, Puigo has three tentacle-like branches at the end of each "arm."  His flesh is pale green and his big eyes are solid, featureless pink, beginning to cloud with age; they sit above a pointed snout, which is in turn above his small, round mouth, full of needle-teeth.  The Jols were never a long-lived people even after the Delaztri uplifted them to full sentience, and prior to his death and resurrection, Puigo was about halfway through his natural lifespan.  


Power Descriptions:
Jols' limbs are made up of hundreds of specialized joints that can partially dislocate without harm or loss of function.  They also possess natural agility and motor control, which made them effective hunters in their original environment.  Puigo is no exception.  Even before his training and neural enhancements from the Delaztri, he was incredibly flexible and nimble; now, he can move in ways that seem to defy momentum.  He's physically weaker than most enemies thanks to his size, but that doesn't stop him from whipping his limbs sharply enough to crack bones, and he's a very capable grappler.  


Just as dear to Puigo as those appendages is his small, personal ship, The Audacity, so named because of his penchant for dueling far larger or more numerous vessels.  It is a sleek, smooth craft shaped like an arrow head with the same color scheme as his uniform (sky blue with white trim).  Twin cannons at the front shoot stunning electrical blasts, while along its keel is a devastating plasma lance for cutting apart other ships.  


Before the Delaztri found them, the Jols were predators on a small moon.  They glided through the mist in its low gravity, between thin, spiky trees, eating creatures similar to bugs and birds.  A dim intellect had begun to flicker among them by the time the Empire put a flag in their chalky soil, which piqued the Delaztri's interest.  The Empire had uplifted other species before this one, and in addition to simply doing it again because they could, some Delaztri also saw potential in these strange aliens' rare dexterity.  


It made them excellent pilots, particularly in small fighter crafts, thanks to the Jols' hunting instincts.  Squadrons of them were soon protecting interstellar trading caravans or tracking down pirates, not to mention their military capabilities.  The Delaztri had a firm grip on them from the start; these vassals were grateful for how their world vastly expanded, and they served willingly and well.


Again, Puigo was no exception--though he soon proved exceptional.  A few Jols were inducted into the Praetorians before him, with positive results, and the Empire began a program of selecting the best among them for further training.  At the end, the chosen Jol was enhanced with select mutations to become even faster and more agile, along with close combat training.  The champion of his generation, the last Jol Praetorian, was born Chyrxax Sigga and renamed after a small Delaztri blade, a word with no direct English equivalent.  Thousands of years later, when he came gasping back to life, his universal translator would detect the romanization of his team's name and interpret his title appropriately: Puigo, for the Roman dagger.


But that is now, and this was then.  He and his clan overflowed with pride from the honor, the highest calling their species could imagine.  For about a decade and a half, he dashed across the stars to protect the Empire's citizens and ruin their enemies.  Puigo fought alongside the champions of his age; in particular, he respected Daar Val-Ren and learned how to augment such a stronger warrior's capabilities with his own.  Such was Puigo's joy that he wasn't saddened when retirement loomed a few years ahead.  He accepted that age would begin to slow him, and instead of rejecting the inevitable, he looked forward to settling down with his family.  The second half of his life was supposed to shine with glory reflected from the first half; he would dazzle his children with stories, enjoy celebrity status, and perhaps even help train the next generation of pilots, if the Delaztri wished it.


Then the Communion came.


You've already heard that story.  Puigo had a fair role in it; he flew The Audacity in each of those titanic battles that shook the Empire to its foundation, watching friends die and doing his best to take down as many Drones as he could before he met the same fate.  And he did, in the final engagement that at last pushed the Communion back, at such a great cost.  


Laser fire cut through The Audacity's thrusters and sent it spiraling into space during the chaos, like so many other Empire vessels.  Power began to fail; communication systems quickly went fuzzy, then flickered out entirely.  Puigo knew that life support wasn't far behind.  Even once his companions won the battle, he'd be presumed dead, and if he wasn't, finding him in the vast emptiness of space would prove a nigh-impossible task without a working beacon.  


And yet, Puigo took solace in the likelihood that his allies were winning as last he saw.  If his death helped preserve the Empire, then he'd hardly complain; that was a possibility from the start of his career anyway.  He had time to make peace with his fate and record a few messages in case his ship was ever discovered, which was more than most soldiers got.


He used The Audacity's dying energy for a mission report, then a tight-throated farewell to his wife, some words of wisdom for his children, and finally a brief but heartfelt gratitude to the Praetorians, to express his pride in serving alongside them.  "I gladly give my life for the Empire that gave such a fantastic life to me," he said in the end.


Puigo's oxygen ran out years before The Audacity crashed onto an uninhabited planet.  Its tough frame had no trouble with the atmosphere, and even held up reasonably well upon impact.  As Puigo had hoped, there was plenty to recover as soon as somebody managed to find it.  He just didn't imagine who that would eventually be.  


Personality & Motivation:
Fearless and duty-driven, Puigo's loyalty remains to the Praetorians even now that their original purpose is long gone.  He misses the old universe terribly; this new one is often strange, and he searches for the kind of larger purpose that once fulfilled him.  The Coalition provides some of this, but it isn't the same, at least not yet.  And of course, being the last of his kind, deprived of almost all his loved ones, save for the remaining original Praetorians, is a difficult burden to bear.  


Powers & Tactics:
In the sky, Puigo and The Audacity are nightmarish to their enemies.  They zip along at impossible speeds, even nimbler than the pilot is on his many limbs.  When outside of his beloved ship, Puigo remains a skilled martial artist; he snaps his arms like whips to apply quite impressive force despite his size.  Normal opponents have plenty to fear, but in this line of work, "normal" is pretty rare.  Against tougher foes, Puigo is accustomed to acting indirectly and relying on his stronger friends.  He's fully comfortable with the fact that most Praetorians pack a much harder punch than he does; he is trained to assist them by creating openings or throwing their enemies off-guard.  Puigo's physiology makes him a very effective grappler too, when appropriate.  



Crushing Weight: The Jols evolved in a low gravity environment, to the point that they could jump and glide like flying squirrels.  Puigo's uniform compensates for this, even allowing him to fly, but if deprived of it, most planets will become very uncomfortable.  GMs could lower his speed, penalize his rolls, and so on.

Last of His Kind: Like several of his comrades, Puigo is the last living member of his species.  This weighs on him heavily, and furthermore, he might pursue any hints of remaining modern Jols, or the Delaztri Empire, with reckless intensity.

Legendary: The Praetorians might be generally well-received by the Coalition, but other galactic groups could remember them differently.  The old Empire wasn't always nice to its neighbors.

Prized Possession: Puigo values his ship almost as much as his fellow Praetorians.  When piloting it, he's still utterly fearless, but that's only because he assumes that being shot down would mean that he'd die with it (as he has once before).  If The Audacity is threatened separately from himself, he won't react well.

What the Hell Is THAT?!: For anyone accustomed to relatively familiar, humanoid aliens, a Jol looks quite bizarre.  Especially when Puigo comes rolling fluidly at someone, squawking and chirping in his native tongue, he's a scary sight.

What's It Saying?: The only languages Puigo speaks have been dead for thousands of years.  The other ancient Praetorians can probably understand him, but otherwise, if deprived of his uniform's translator, he'll have a hell of a time communicating.

You're the Boss: It's true that Puigo would follow his Imperatrix to the ends of the universe, but he still can't help but compare Paradigm to her older brother--and he's keenly aware that she's one of his last connections to the Delaztri empire.  Her bold, even reckless, style makes him nervous despite how tough she is.  If Paradigm proposed a tactic that would endanger herself or the other original Praetorians, even to save innocent lives, Puigo might be tempted to sabotage it, consequences to the Coalition be damned.  


Abilities: 0 + 20 + 6 + 4 + 8 + 0 = 38PP
Strength: 6 (-2)
Dexterity: 30 (+10)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 10 (+0)


Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP
Initiative: +10
Attack: +15 Strike (+6 Base, +8 Attack Focus [Melee], +1 Size)
Grapple: +23/+26 (+15 Attack, -4 Size, +10 Dexterity, + 2 Elongation, / +3 Additional Limbs (Unless using Improved Grapple feat))
Defense: +15 (+6 Base, +8 Dodge Focus, +1 Size), +3 Flat-Footed
Knockback: +2


Saving Throws: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9PP
Toughness: +5 (+4 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, -1 Size)
Fortitude: +7 (+4 Con, +3)
Reflex: +13 (+10 Dex, +3)
Will: +7 (+4 Wis, +3)


Skills: 76R = 19PP
Acrobatics 17 (+27)
Craft (Mechanical) 3 (+5)
Drive 5 (+15)
Escape Artist 8 (+20)
Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 2 (+4)
Language (Delaztri, Jolian [Native]) 1
Medicine 1 (+5)
Notice 6 (+10)
Pilot 17 (+27)
Sense Motive 6 (+10)
Sleight of Hand 5 (+15)
Stealth 5 (+15)


Feats: 57PP
Acrobatic Bluff
Attack Focus (Melee) 8
Defensive Roll
Dodge Focus 8
Elusive Target
Environmental Adaptation (Low Gravity, Zero Gravity) 2
Equipment 7 (Bronze Reward, Communal Praetorian Pool)
Equipment 21
Evasion 2
Grappling Finesse

Improved Grab (FREE, Additional Limbs, unless using all for Grapple Bonus)
Improved Pin
Luck 2
Move-By Action
Skill Challenge (Simultaneous Task: Vehicle Combat) 2
Teamwork 3


Equipment: 105EP = 21PP

The Audacity (105EP)
Size: Large (-1 Attack/Defense) [1]
Strength: 20 [0]
Toughness: 10 [3]


Features: 7EP
Alarm 2 (DC30)
Navigation System 4 (+20)
Remote Control (Connected to Uniform)


Powers: 31 + 8 + 2 + 24 + 10 + 2 + 1 + 16 = 94EP [All Technology]

Blast 9 (Extra: Autofire; PFs: Accurate 3, Alternate Power) [31] [Electricity]

AP: Blast 15 [30] [Fire/Plasma]

Communication 8 (Radio, 2,000 Miles) [8]

Concealment 1 (Radar) [2]
Flight 12 (50,000 MPH) [24]

Impervious Toughness 10 (Force Field) [10]

Super-Movement 1 (Interplanetary) [2]

Super-Senses 1 (Communication Link [Praetorian headquarters]) [1]

Sensor Suite 3.2 (16PP container) [16]

Super-Senses 8 (Radar [Accurate, Radius, Ranged Radio Sense], Analytical, Extended 3 [x10,000 increment]) {8/16}

Super-Senses 8 (Visual, Analytical (all visual), Extended 2 (all visual) [x1,000 increment], Infravision, Ultravision) {8/16}



Powers: 4 + 13 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 31PP

Additional Limbs 3 (4 Limbs and Tail; PF: Innate) [4] [Alien Biology]

Device 3 (15PP Uniform; Hard to Lose; PF: Restricted [Jols]) [13] [Technology]

Comprehend 2 (Speak and Understand all Languages) {4}

Immunity 9 (Life Support) {9}

Flight 1 (10 MPH) {2}


Elongation 2 (20 Ft. Range Increments; PF: Innate) [3] [Alien Biology]

Shrinking 4 (Small; Permanent; PF: Innate) [5] [Alien Biology]

Speed 1 (10 MPH, 100 Ft./Move Action) [1] [Alien Biology]

Strike 5  (Natural Weaponry) [5] [Alien Biology, Bludgeon]


Drawbacks: -0PP


DC Block
ATTACK                 RANGE      SAVE               EFFECT
Strike                 Touch      DC20 Toughness     Physical
Blasters [Ship]        Ranged     DC24 Toughness     Energy
Plasma Lance [Ship]    Ranged     DC30 Toughness     Energy


Totals: Abilities (40) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (9) + Skills (19) + Feats (57) + Powers (31) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/183 Power Points


Edited by Fox
+2pp for March/April 2018
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I like the fluff Blarghy!


So, couple of very minor things for the crunch:


Stats, I think they should only cost 38 pp, not 40, as your Str 8 gives you 2 PP back (you counted it as a positive not a negative).  So, I believe you actually have 2 unspent PP!  Never mind, realize this was accounting for Shrinking. 


For Combat, looks good, might want to note that if you use all your extra limbs for grappling, you can add your 3 ranks in the power for grapple checks.


Feats:  Also looks good, might want to not that the Additional Limbs power gives you Improved Grapple feat for free (assuming you do not choose to apply all the extra limbs to improve your grapple score as mentioned above)


Powers:  They look good, I guess the one question I have is why do you have the Strike as Mighty?  That seems like it is wasting 2 power points (1 for the extra rank and one for the feat that eliminates that extra rank).  Why not just leave it as some trained martial arts strike (it is still a melee attack) and use those 2 power points for something else?

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The Strength bit is due to him being Small; he'd have a Strength of 6 normally if I didn't put those points into it, yeah?  And related to it, I made his Strike Mighty because I thought it'd be cheap not to, since it's a physical melee attack.  If you're ok with me changing that, then heck yeah, I'll take those points back!


I thought that Additional Limbs could give a Grapple bonus, but then I checked the rulebook and didn't see anything about it, so I figured I was wrong.  Is that a house rule?  I certainly won't turn it down, if I can get that perk. 

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The ship and uniform would be Technology, and the rest are innate parts of his biology.  ...I actually don't have the Innate feat for Speed or Strike, because I've never seen anybody bother with that before.  Should I scrape together the points to buy it? 


Let me know and I'll try to be available for edits after work, if necessary.  *Scurries off*

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