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Avenger Assembled

Bounding Dreams (OOC)

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Anna Cline: 41

Thugs (3): 19, 9, 7


Anna Cline: 41

Joule: 19 

Thug 1: 19

Thug 2: 9 

Thug 3: 7


Anna Cline: 

Well, this is bad! 


With full Concealment, Anna goes for the leader

These are minions, so she'll take 10 and hit him


Tou vs 20 (she gets +1 DMG from her Autofire): http://orokos.com/roll/593205 = 7


Thug 1 is down.


Joule is up as soon as I post IC! 





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Okay... here we go.


Whichever thug has the molotov.  She goes for him.


Standard: Electric Discharge, take 10 to hit. 19, not sure if it hits or not.

Move: Acrobatics, flipping over/around the intervening thugs 1d20+18=32

Free: None


If the Thug is hit, DC20 attack

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Right!  Not one to be deterred... try try again!  Hitting the same thug if he's still up.


Standard Action: Damage 3: 1d20+9=26 which should hit for a DC 17 Hit

Move Action: Acrobatics across to be next to the remaining thug, but between him and the door to the Gym 1d20+18=29

Free Action: None



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