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They Live Among You!


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The Donner Foundations posters have recently been spotted across the city, posted anywhere and everywhere.  While many of them are taken down quickly, it seems that for each one destroyed, another couple end up in a park, alley,  or on a telephone pole.  The pictures and background changes, but the message is always the same.  Each version is slickly produced on quality laminated paper and seems rather resistant to the East Coast elements.  Whenever an area is cleansed, it doesn't seem like it takes long before the area is saturated with a myriad grouping of pictures of young supers.


Worse is that there have been enough documented cases of people who have ratted out their neighbors and the monetary offer is more than real.  Interest pieces have shown these less than savory citizens boasting about how little information they had to share to collect.  If they are to be believed, even the slightest hint of information pays out something.  As the noise from these suddenly fortunate snitches grows so does the apparent search for more information.  Several schools have issued semi permanent lockdowns to keep over zealous adults armed with cameras away from their grounds.


Several media pieces have documented an uptick in people snooping and checking out their neighbors using any means possible.  Drone sales are up 200% as are random gunfire directed at said drones.  Even hardware stores are reporting increased sales on ladders and any other equipment that the so named Donner Peepers can use to snap candid shots of supposed super activity.  As for the foundation, there is little information on it other than a few slick ads and radio slots talking about their charitable works.  The professional website is big on soft PR gaining rhetoric and ideals and very slim on actual details on the foundation.


The Details:

What: A new thread about this threat to Freedom City

When: As soon as I find three people who want to play it

Who: Any hero of PL11 or less

Where: TBD depending on the heroes

Why: Because I haven't run enough threads!

How: Post if you are interested in the next couple of days.  If there are more than three people who want to join, I'll do a roll off to see which three go.

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