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Superpowered Babysitters Wanted OOC


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No worries.  You each get a hero point.




Round One


27 Lawrence (unharmed)

19 Not!Megan (unharmed)

15 Not!Robert (unharmed)

13 Rev (unharmed, 4 HP)

6 SFX (unharmed, 2 HP)


Lawrence will grant Rev and SFX: Improved Initiative 2 (+8); Speed 4 and Quickness 4.


This changes Rev's initiative to 21 and SFX’s to 14, so Rev is up next!


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Lets create some havoc. 


Standard Action: Trip 10 (Line Area) Effect "Wind Tunnel". This has the knockback extra, so probably (if it does knock them back) will go slam them against a wall or out of the room / house / etc. If Rev can do it, some good old 80s "thrown out of a window in slow motion with tinkling glass to a synthpop beat" scene would be ideal. 


Move action: Pick up Lawrence, ready to flee. 

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Okay, Not!Megan will make a Reflex check to lessen the effect, she gets a 28!, so that actually cuts the power rank in half for the effect (so the roll is 22 to trip).


She makes an Acrobatics check against the Trip, but only gets an 18, so she still is tripped!  (just not as much knockback either). 


She will be slammed into a wall requiring a toughness save (DC 20) and she gets a 12, so bruised and dazed!


She will miss her turn due to the daze.


Not!Robert will attack Rev, but he misses with a 18


So, SFX is up!

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