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Ok so Manneq can recognise this as similar in nature to some of his initial experiments on ceramic armour. Feel free to narrate this however you wish, ideally with a bit of vague super science involved. 


He can tell it is highly impact resistant, and otherwise pretty strong, but is a little vulnerable to cold and sonic effects. 

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Ok this is a damage 8 falling masonry effect. 


Good news, you get a Reflex DC 10 Save to halve that to a damage 4 falling masonry effect. 


Bad news: You are flat footed due to failed notice roll, so no defensive roll bonus!


(And edit made to the IC)

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its a trained skill I am afraid? (you can of course burn an HP for Jack of all trades). Otherwise you can just post the action, even if it is ineffective it does of course show the sentiment. 

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No, technically not. 

As I understand it, Craft skills are trained only, which means you cant use them without skill ranks. 

However Jack of All Trades feat allows you to use all skills if you have no ranks in them

So you can always burn an HP to get the JoT feat for this scene (but this scene only), allowing you to use Craft (structural) untrained (and for that matter any other trained skill you might need like medicine or drive). 

You could burn another HP to reroll but that would be separate. 

Sorry to be a pain! :(

(And JoT is a cool feat!)

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Ok so, would I be able to use Inventor with my Electrical Craft to make a light?


Also no worries jsut seeing what I can do here.

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No need to use inventor feat for that! 


Sure there are electrical stuff lying around so feel free to craft something. No electronics tool kit though so -5 to the craft roll. 

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