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The Last Temptation of Coco Meowmers(OOC)


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Helltree: Unharmed-GM

Witchblood: Unharmed, Entangled, 1HP


Entangled gives a -2 to Attack and Defence, with a -4 on Reflex checks while in that condition. Anchored to the spot, Witchblood cannot move.


The Helltree will take a full-round action to summon forth five PL4 Ice Devil Minions, which move to and  pick up the other women, preparing to throw them into the hellish vegetable's toothy maw.


Witchblood is up, Blood! 


Now, the Snare is rank 12, so it's pretty tough. You could burn yourself out of it, taking the risk of accidentally hurting yourself in the rush to get out of this and rescue her friends/obliterize the demons, or you could attempt to Nullify it entirely to just make it go away. Or you could dispel the ice devils. It's up to you! DC20 Concentration check required to use those powers. 


Have an extra Hero Point, as Witchblood does not have training in that skill. 

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 Half-effect means the rank or bonus of the effect is halved. In this case it's Damage 10 which forces a DC25 save, but with the half-immunity it becomes Damage 5, forcing a DC20 Toughness save.


Failed by 4, so Bruised.


Have an HP!


Post up, will contine this fraught encounter in the morning.

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Nono, it Snared on the surprise round where only it could act, then it Summoned on its turn the first round, then you escaped on Witchblood's first turn in the first round, leaving you with a Move Action after using your Standard to destroy the Snare. 

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Round 2:


Helltree: Unharmed-GM

Witchblood: Bruised(x1), 2HP


The other women take Jessica's advice to heart and run for it. HP for prioritizing protecting them over just attacking the tree. (now at 3HP)


Helltree attacks, a hail of icy spears crashing through the frozen branches: 20. Which seems to hit. DC25 TOU save, please.

Coco Meowmers' DC20 Reflex save to cling for his poor kitty life in all the thrashing boughs:  30. Safe for now.

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Gonna shoot Helltree with Past Sins Remembered. If it doesn't have a soul, it doesn't work. If you consider it "inhuman" soul, it'll save at half. Paralyze, DC 20. And if it fails, it must recite the last Envious thing it did.


Writing this up now!


Toughness: 1d20+10 11




Toughness: 1d20+10 12


Well, good while it lasted. 25-12=13. I think she's down.

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