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Jessica Witchblood


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Jessica Witchblood

Power Level: 10 (150/150)

Unspent Power Points: 0

Trade-Offs: None.


In Brief: Witchblood family line continues

Catchphrase: "What a lovely predicament."



Alternate Identity: None.

Birthplace: Woodland, New Jersey

Residence: Freedom City, New Jersey

Base of Operations: None.

Occupation: Dancer

Affiliations: None.

Family: Kara Witchblood (the Witchbloods carry their name to the grave with pride), mother. Jason Kelly, father.



Age: 21 (born February 1997)

Apparent Age: 18 (this is when she stopped aging)

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Demon

Height: 1.78m

Weight: 64kg

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red


Jessica is a tall, averaged sized woman with nice curves and ample features. Her skin is an attractive shade of rose red. Her lips are full, she colors them black else they blend in with her skin. Her hair is long and wavy. While not the exact shade of her skin, it's close enough. Her green eyes stand out in the sea of red, their sharp contrast draws attention. She wears jeans and tanks and sandals. 



The Witchblood lineage stretches all the way back to the old old world, pre writing/post cavemen. Both the women and men cavorted with the demons to assure their lineage would be the the strongest. Eventually, their corrupt ways caught up with them and they were enslaved human servitors of the demons. Skip a few millennia and a great hero named Witch, somehow severed the link between the demons and the lineage. In gratitude the Witchbloods took the hero's name. Skip a few more millenia, the family still bears the mark of the demon. Though they still practice strong magic, it was tempered by Witch's guidance. No more sacrificing or blood spilled. They invoke carnal (wrath, lust, pride, et cetera) spirits to give them power.


Jessica was, well, not normal. Her red skin made sure of that. That said, she wasn't spurmed. She made friends with all except the most hardened of opinionated people. She loved to create and show off. Perhaps a little too much, but her eagerness to be seen and heard segued into learning the family style of magic easily. Growing up with magic was fun, she liked to open with it when she met someone. "Oh hi, I'm Jessica, did you know that magic exists? Watch this!" The tricks weren't scary or harmful, but they were very expressive. Nonetheless, the ones that it didn't scare off, had each other's attention.


During high school, she was somewhat popular and kind of a celebrity for that matter. But afterward, everyone went their separate ways. Then she started thinking about college. There was no way she could pay for it. without being in debt for the rest of her life, she found out quickly. Demons may be one thing, but debt collectors were the absolute worst. So she's taking the road most traveled for people with powers, she's doing hero work. Not that she doesn't want to do it! Helping others is always the right thing to do. But in the back of her mind, she always sees her fate - given to a Witchblood as they are born, they instinctively know it will happen, just not when - of dying, pinned down on a black altar.


Personality & Motivation

Jessica is adamantly always some kind of cheerful. Not springy or bouncy, but always talkative and in a good mood. The only time that she's quiet is when she's plotting or actually scared. You can most likely tell the difference in the two. Het heroism doesn't have a motivation. She just enjoys doing it. It could be attributed to thrillseeking. But she likes to think doing good is it's own reward.


Powers & Tactics

Jessica wields ancient demon magic in her blood. Though it's been changed over the millennia, it still has roots in corruption. Even the hero who taught them the less corrupt way only lessened their power. She has to move or say something to cast a spell, invoking one of the carnal spirits. Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, or Wrath. The spirit tailors the spell to their liking, giving the recipient something to remember them by. Though if the spell is resisted, Jessica might take a little bit of the spirit's comeuppance. Her demonic physiology also gives her a near limitless lifespan (until she dies), and the ability to suffer fire and human frailties.


She'll always start with a long range spell, keeping her distance. She's not a toe to toe fighter, if pressed, she'll chat up the villain to talk them down or just to throw them off their guard to get to a safe distance to keep away.



Contemptible Spirits: If Jessica fails to affect someone with a Sin descriptor, the carnal spirit she invoked will backlash somehow.

Dark Fate: Jessica will die pinned to a dark altar. She knows not when, just that it will.

Demonic Mark: Jessica's skin is red, the curse given to her lineage millenniums ago. She stands out in  a crowd, and tends to get trouble from people who don't like demons.

Holy Ground: Her powers take a hit there. Not that she'd ever knowingly go to such a place, due to her fate.

Re: Your Soul: Powers with the sin descriptor do not affect beings without souls. Those with inhuman souls may lessen the effect.

Show Off: Jessica loves to make herself known.

The Sin In My Veins: Jessica's corrupted blood can be used for rituals. She shares for a price and a reason. Though there are sorts who would take it forcefully.


Abilities 4 + 6 + 6 + 4 + 4 + 8 = 32PP

Strength 14 (+2)

Dexterity 16 (+3)

Constitution 16 (+3)

Intelligence 14 (+2)

Wisdom 14 (+2)

Charisma 18 (+4)


Combat 8 + 8 = 16PP

Attack +4 Melee, +10 Ranged

Defense +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed


Initiative +3

Grapple +6

Knockback -5


Saving Throws 2 + 5 + 6 = 13PP

Toughness +10 (+3 Con, +7 Protection)

Fortitude +5 (+3 Con, +2)

Reflex +8 (+3 Dex, +5)

Will +8 (+2 Wis, +6)


Skills 40R = 10PP

Acrobatics 7 (+10)

Bluff 7 (+11, +19 Attractive)

Craft (artistic) 3 (+5)

Diplomacy 7 (+11, +19 Attractive)

Knowledge (arcane lore) 8 (+10)

Perform (dance) 1 (+5)

Sleight of Hand 7 (+10)


Feats 22PP

Acrobatic Bluff

Attack Focus (range) 6

Attractive 2

Distract (Bluff)

Dodge Focus 6

Fascinate (Perform)


Precise Shot



Uncanny Dodge (mental)


Powers 16 + 3 + 38 = 57PP

Demon Biology [16PP]

Immunity 9 (aging, cold environments, disease, fire damage, hot environments, poison) {9PP}

Protection 7 {7PP}


Flight 1 (Power Feats: Subtle) [3PP] ("Levitation"; magic)


Magic 16 (32PP Array; Power Feats: Alternate Power 6) [38PP]

  • Base Power: Blast 10 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will]; Power Feats: Sedation, Variable Descriptor [carnal spirits]) {32/32} ("Fill With Sin"; sin, magic)
  • Alternate PowerDamage 10 (Extras: Area [Cone], Penetrating; Power Feats: Knockback 2) {32/32} ("Fire and Flames"; fire, magic)
  • Alternate PowerDrain Wisdom 10 (Extras: Linked [Healing]; Power Feats: Slow Fade, Variable Descriptor [carnal spirits]), Healing 10 (Extras: Action [Standard], Total; Flaws: Limited [Self Only], Limited 2 [If Drain Succeeds, Up To Amount Drained]) {22/32} ("Feed On Sin"; sin, magic)
  • Alternate PowerEmotion Control 10 (Power Feats: Variable Descriptor [carnal spirits], Mind Blank) {22/32} ("Sin Puppet"; sin, magic)
  • Alternate PowerHealing 7 (Extras: Action [Standard], Restoration, Total; Flaws: Limited [Others Only]); Power Feats: Regrowth, Stabilize, Variable Descriptor [carnal spirits]) {31/32} ("Belay Sin's Wages"; magic)
  • Alternate PowerNullify Magic 10 (Extras: Duration [Concentration]; Power Feats: Variable Descriptor [carnal spirits]) {31/32} ("Dispel Magic"; magic)
  • Alternate PowerParalyze 10 (Extras: Range [Ranged]; Power Feats: Feature [must speak last sin based on spirit invoked], Variable Descriptor [carnal spirits]) {32/32} ("Past Sins Remembered"; sin, magic)


Drawbacks (-0) + (-0) = -0PP


DC Block

ATTACK                   RANGE               SAVE                                 EFFECT

Unarmed                  Touch               DC 15 Toughness                      Damage

Dispel Magic             50ft Range          DC 20 Will                           Nullify

Feed On Sin              Touch               DC 20 Will                           Drain

Fill With Sin            50ft Range          DC 25 Will                           Damage

Fire And Flames          100ft Cone Area     DC 20 Reflex, DC 20/25 Toughness     Damage

Past Sins Remembered     50ft Range          DC 20 Will                           Paralyze

Sin Puppet               Perception          DC 20 Will                           Emotion Control


Totals: Abilities 32 + Combat 16 + Saving Throws 13 + Skills 10 + Feats 22 + Powers 57 - Drawbacks 0 = 150/150 Power Points

Edited by Jessica Witchblood
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@Jessica Witchblood hey Jessica Witchblood, welcome to the site!


Before the mechanics side, I've a few questions about the fluff.

1.) A girl with red skin who does things that at the least seem to be superpowers, who openly does these things as a way of introducing herself, this didn't catch the attention of anyone in-setting?

2.) How exactly will being a magical vigilante help her pay her way through higher education?

3.) She and her family can see the ends of their lives, can they affect this fate in any way? If not, why not?

4.) Does this fate, her past celebrity and openness with magic, family history of demonic enslavement and current cash-strapped status not merit any additional Complications?

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Looks like a fun character! 


Enhanced Traits 30 (Enhanced Charisma 10, Enhanced Dexterity 10, Enhanced Intelligence 10; Power Feats: Subtle, Variable Descriptor [carnal spirits]) {32/32} ("Enhance Self"; sin, magic) - This is not a mechanic we really like - putting Enhanced Traits in Arrays winds up being cheaper than they ought to be. 


Variable Descriptor [carnal spirits] - Hmmmmm. What do you mean by this?

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1) Seeing as the Witchbloods are a lineage, they probably are more known among the magical types. Not saying that others dont know them it's just more a case by case basis.

2) She's not going to college at the time. Once she figures out how to get enough to pay, she'll go.

3) They cannot! It will eventually happen.

4) I'll get cracking on those.


@Avenger Assembled


Enhance Self isn't Permanent, it's just for when she needs it. I've seen it in other builds for active characters, but I'm not about to 'but they did it' to the guy that runs the place (except i just did! O.o)


Carnal Spirits are mentioned in the History and Powers and Tactics sections. A long long long... looong time ago, they used more perverse kinds of magic and got corrupted, then enslaved by demons. A hero named Witch freed them from their enslavement and taught them how to seek the spirits instead of doing the more powerful demonic magic. It's still Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath, but less powerful and less corrupting.

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Here's somethign to crib from for the drain/heal thing


Base Effect: Drain Constitution 2 (Vampiric Bite; Extras: Linked [+0], Flaws: Requires Grapple, Feats: Insidious, Subtle 2) [4PP]

  • linked Heal 2 (Extras: Linked [+0], Action [Standard]; Flaws: Limited [Self]; Feats: Persistent) [5PP]
  • linked Emotion Control 1 (Euphoric Bite; Extras: No Save [+2], Linked [+1], Flaws: Range [Touch, -2], Limited [Euphoria], Requires Grapple) [1PP]


You could limit it to "successful drain" meaning the drain has to drain something for the heal to trigger.  


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