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Pitching In [OOC]

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Jack is still going after Scary thug


Punch: 1d20+10 24


If it hits, will use improved grab and grapple to pick him up in one paw.


Grapple: 1d20+24 41

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Okay resisting Punches... 1d20+11=14 ...or not resisting punches as the case may be.  Let's see... fail by 13 (counting bruises)... ouch.  Dazed + Staggered.  As he is already staggered, he is down and out.  You can grapple him if you want, but I don't think it's necessary at this point.


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Combat has effectively ended, unless you wish to engage or pummel the two outside the bowling alley (which is totally fine).  However, unless you do continue combat, you can post as you wish until things go south again.  Wait, did I say that?


The Combat Block Should look like this:

Scary Thug (15) Unconcious, Bruised 2

Rev (13) HP 4

Posh Thug (13) Bound, Bruised 2

Jack (12) HP 3, Bruised 1

Baby Thug (10)

Ginger Thug (3)


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