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Pitching In [OOC]


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The thugs!


Also, as indicated in Chat +2 bonus for a massive 27!  Rev is the real Scary Thug!  Jack adds in his Intimidate, which is based on his daunting physical presence.


Scary Thug (aka the Angry one) 1d20+8=25

Posh Thug (aka the Pompadour) 1d20+2=6

Ginger Thug (aka unnamed Red Haired) 1d20+2=13

Baby Thug (aka the Reluctant one) 1d20+2=16


Scary and Posh Thug are motivated and get Fiat'd, both of you get a HP.


Scary thug done blows up!  Please give me reflex rolls against DC21.  Also, the power of the attack is a DC26, so either 1/2 or full Toughness saves depending on what happens on the reflex roll.


Which should start combat and give me an init roll.


Scary Thug  1d20+4=15

Posh Thug  1d20+1=13

Ginger Thug  1d20+1=3

Baby Thug  1d20+1=10

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Okay so the results, which you can post ICly in round order, or even out!  I'm flexible that way.


Jack is: Stunned and Bruised.

Rev is: Unharmed.


Initiative Order:

Scary Thug (15)

Rev (13)

Posh Thug (13)

Jack (12)  Bruised 1, Stunned

Baby Thug (10)

Ginger Thug (3)



SFX (Unconcious)


Scary Thug.... Gloats and... I'm going to let Posh Thug have a little exposition in his action... just because I can :)

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Standard Action: Grapple with one arm (Posh)


Grapple Attack: 1d20+10 13 I believe that misses but I will spend an HP (Was 5, Rev now Has 4 HP) [Top hint, keep track of HP in initiatives and elsewhere!] And reroll:Grapple attack reroll: 1d10+20 23


Which I guess will hit. 


So, opposed grapple rolls:


Grapple opposed roll: 1d20+25 43!


So if that beats his grapple roll he is pinned, and if it beats his grapple roll, he is bound. 


If her gets bound, Ill throw him at Scary


Throw Posh at Ginger: 1d20+10 12 darn these rolls are bad, but because I really like this bowling mannuever, I will reroll that again (Now at 3 HP)


Reroll throw P at G: 1d10+20 21 ubeleivable, but may still hit, which would be a damage 10 effect on both of them (plus, I hope, knockback!)


Let me know how that goes and I will post. 





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23 Hits Posh, and 43 beats him by an Imperial Crapton, which is slightly more than a metric Crapton.  (No, I'm not rolling.  At his best you beat him by 17.)

Posh spice is bound and probably gagged too.


21 Hits Scary Thug with a DC25, he attempts to stoically take his mate to the face.  1d20+11=12.  Not so Scary now are you!  Staggered + Dazed

Posh Thug is in no better straights 1d20+4=16 Dazed + Bruised

Scary is Knocked back 25 feet, but rolled a 1, so bumping this up to 100 feet.

Posh is Knocked back a lot more, but it doesn't matter as he hits things.
Scary takes a DC20. 1d20+11=12 Fiat 1d20+11=19 Bruised (Whoops, forgot the -1 for his previous bruise, but it doesn't affect the result)

Posh takes a DC23. 1d20+5=23 (I forgot the -1 again) Bruised


So at the end of all of that.  Thug Hit, Grappled, Bound, Thrown, Both Hit, Knocked down.

Both of them fly down the lane and crash into the pins, leaving Rev with a 7/10 split that does register on the board.


Scary: Dazed, Staggered, 2 Bruises.

Posh: Dazed, Bruised.

Jack: +1 HP

Rev: +1 HP


The Combat Block Should look like this:

Scary Thug (15) Staggered, Dazed, Bruised 2

Rev (13) HP 4

Posh Thug (13) Dazed, Bruised 2

Jack (12) HP 3, Bruised 1

Baby Thug (10)

Ginger Thug (3)


Also, that was a lot of work.  Now I know why I normally play rules light systems :)


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I think Rev will focus on Scary and Posh; in her mind the other two are relatively blameless. 


And Posh was relatively tame so non-lethal means! 


Move Action: Acrobatic Feint at -5, using Skill Mastery gives a 16 Result. 

Standard Action: Grapple Attack: Grapple again!: 1d20+10 23

I suspect that hits, and the opposed Grapple is: Anotrher opposed grapple: 1d20+25 41 some nice rolls in contrast to previously. 

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Sadly, that's a miss, although it was a close thing!


Ginger is outside and out of combat.  Baby scuttles to the door taking an all out move action.


Top of the order.


The Combat Block Should look like this:

Scary Thug (15) Staggered, Bruised 2

Rev (13) HP 4

Posh Thug (13) Bound, Bruised 2

Jack (12) HP 3, Bruised 1

Baby Thug (10)

Ginger Thug (3)


Scary launches a punch at Jack!  1d20+11=16 and misses badly!  Rev, you're up!

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