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The Helix Project [IC]


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January 26, 2018


Everything was going to hell.


By all rights, Tandem Robotics was just a research and development company that no one really knew much about or paid any real attention to. They were a well-funded business nonetheless, and in the last five years had been making forays into the realm of energy production. For a while, it was all theoretical research, nothing truly noteworthy. Somewhere in the last two weeks, however, everything changed.


The blackout stretched for blocks. By the time police were on the scene, the overcast skies lent an ominous aura to the entire situation. And it was very much a situation. The seven story structure where Tandem Robotics was housed seemed to be in some sort of lockdown. Witnesses were being interviewed, but police had surrounded the building, trying to keep people out and witnesses/victims secure. The violet beam sending pulsing waves of light into the night sky didn'tseem to be helping matters at all, either.


Right up until it wasn't.



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Replica had seen the pulsating violent column of energy from her office in ASTRO Labs. Even from that faraway her optics analysis told her that the likelihood of that kind of concentrated energy dispersal being benign was slim to none. 


Quickly making into her costume and reaching Hanover via a series of rooftop jumps, she tried to make sense of what was going on within Tandem Robotics now that she was quite a bit closer to the energy beam

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The scene was something of an ordered chaos when Replica arrived. There were police for blocks, actively moving people away from the building. They'd given the building itself a surprisingly wide berth, however, and on closer inspection, one could see why--there were a number of vehicles on fire in the parking lot, and ad least one had exploded already. Behind the police tape and barricades were two other onlookers .


From where Facsimile was standing. a rooftop nearby, he could see inside the third story window. Not only were there people inside, but he could see some faint purple lights moving on multiple floors. Mannequin wans't far off, and could see the same thing, and the darkeed sky only made the glow that much more obvious and ominous.

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Tonight was going rather smoothly as Mannequin was just finishing up a upstart gang and was beginning to get some much needed information about the other local gangs when the power went out. It didn't bother him much with him not having conventional sight and relying more on radar but nonetheless a blackout was never a good thing. Sending a quick address to the police he went in search of the cause only to find the strange pulsating violet beam coming from Tandem Robotics. While he hasn't worked with them personally his company, Vision Inc, has had a few joint projects in the past. What could possibly be happening there?


Arriving to the scene Mannequin made his presence known. He had far to many miscommunications with the police in the past and didn't want to be mistaken for a Death Bot again.


"Good day, just arriving on the scene...Whats the situation? Hostage situation, villain trying to become famous?"

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Gaseous forms had proven to be the most difficult to maintain outside of energy ones, the act of keeping himself loose enough to enjoy the benefits but coherent enough to prevent keep himself being blown away in even a slight wind had proved a challenge, even now his flesh and blood body ached from the strain as he settled on the exchange duct of a rooftop overlooking the building in front of him.


he'd been too busy trying to rest himself to notice the purple lights at first, just pacing and oofing and aaahing as he hoped around his resting place trying to shake off the pins and needles like sensation that had overtaken his entire body, it was not untill the sound of sirens reached his ear that he'd begun to take notice of what was going on and seen the huge signal beam splitting the night sky, now that the feeling had returned to most of his limbs he figured now would be as good a time as any to investigate what was going on


Pondering briefly about sneaking past the barricade in his new grasp of gaseous forms he ultimately decided against it, that was villainous behaviour he thought, pulling his ski mask down to obscure his features after taking a deep breath of cool night air he once again felt his atoms unravelling into a wispy windy cohesion and began to float down towards the police baricade below, noticing that someone eise in a costume was approaching as well.


Not wanting to drop in unnannounced he cleared his...none existant throat a little and called out in the voice of a howling wind


"Yello' Bellow., Metahuman Assistant reporting for duty ssssirs and madamsssss!"

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