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The Magic of Reading (OOC)


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Hey guys! Finally have things ready to go for this adventure and hoping you guys are ready as well. Do forgive me for making error here and there. I mainly play 3E and this is the 1st 2E I've run so bare with me. The 1st bit of story is going to be just Facsimile until you get into the thick of it. Shouldn't take too long to get there so don't worry about having to wait to play Blue. I look forward to running this for you guys. @Zeitgeist Blue and @Exaccus

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Unfortunately you seemed to have failed the save! As you make a move out to the Windmill you feel your Teeth become more straight, Your posture becomes straight aswell, Your shoulders broaden out and if you look closely your skin has a healthy glow to it. 1 Failure....*Ominous Music*

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Generator allocation!


Charge Electronic Devices (Feature 1) 1pp

Dynamo (Array 15; 30pp Pool, PF: Alternate powers 3) [33pp[

BE: Blast 14("Lightning Strike!" PFs: Incurable, Precise)[30/30]

AE: Damage 10 ("Discharge" Extras: Area (Burst), Selective Attack)[30/30]

AE: Stun 10 ("Electro-muscle Stimulation"; Extras: Area (Cone)[30/30]

AE: Snare 14 ("electromagnetic Shell" PF: affects insubstantial 2)[30/30]

Protection 6 ("Inorganic Resiliance)[6pp]

Immunity 10 ("super-conductor!"; Common Descriptor: Electricity) [10pp]



Toughness: +10

Lighting strike  +6 140ft range,  DC29 toughness save
Discharge DC20 Reflex save (for half), 50ft burst (selective) DC25 Toughness save
Electro muscle Stim DC20 Reflex save (for half) 100ft Cone DC20 Fort save
Electromagnetic Shell +6 DC24 Reflex save 140ft range



How does this look?

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I'd like to try my hand at using IC to describe the attacks if you'd like, If you want to go faster through combat then we can just do rolls and just see results. I dont mind either way. Also sorry for taking a while to get combat started...Had a surprise interview for potential promotion so had to come first. ANYWAYS here is the turn order...


Knight 1- 19

Knight 2- 17

Ex- 16

Knight 3- 16

Knight 4- 16

Knight 5- 14

Blue- 12

Knight 6- 13

Knight 7- 6

Knight 8- 5


Knight 1 is going to attack with a mace... Well, Uh... https://orokos.com/roll/590046 Thats a crit. Im sure a 32 hits Toughness DC is 25.

Knight 2 is going to follow up with a sword https://orokos.com/roll/590049 27 to hit DC 20 if it lands.

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