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Darkness Unleashed [IC]

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January 26, 2018, 3:30 pm


It wasn't terribly unusual for strange things to happen out in Wharton State Forest. The wildlife made it dangerous enough, though no more dangerous than any other forest, all things considered. Campers and hunters frequented parts of it, so a distinctly human presence made it manageable. Nevertheless, there where times when things just took an unexpected turn--strange sightings, weird noises... and it seemed this was no different.


Even from a mile or two away, one could see it: a great black haze covering a considerable portion of the woods like an opaque dome. Trees withered at its edges, and by all accounts, the dome was slowly expanding. The shadowy blight reeked of something ancient and terrible, attracting the attention of at least two interested parties...

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Black sky in morning, evening or any time other than night or an eclipse was a warning. It was over the forest. She didn't know how far her motorcycle could get her, but damn if she wasn't going to try to find out what it was. Jacket, sword. She looked at the shades. Well, this was going to be a hindrance. Putting them on, she hopped on her bike and headed to the sight of the black sky.


Though as she got closer, the sky wasn't the problem, it was that nature itself looked like it was buckling under the pressure of this  profane sky. Maybe, just maybe, she could get there in time. Forests weren't known to be accesible for vehicles, and she wasn't a speedster or a flier. She could have teleported to some bloody area, but it's a forest, blood meant animals. She was sure there was some law against killing them in a forest. Even in self defense.

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A knot in a nearby tree started to change, warping into a man sized hole that opened into darkness. Inside a black and green clad figure climbed out and hopped down to the ground. Spriggans and sprites came to Lilly, crying about something devouring the forest and their description did not fit and loggers or pyromaniacs she had to deal with in the past. 


The sight of the dome before her did give her pause. Definitely different. She thought with a frown. Rosethorn had little idea what to do now even with a bit of experience beneath her belt. Giant black balls of entropy was a whole new experience in comparison to dealing with flesh and blood enemies.

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Most of the people had heeded police warnings and stayed away. Rosethorn and Corporis, however, approaching from different directions, found at least two people who didn't seem to be concerned.


A man in a backwards baseball cap with "FCU Hockey" embroidered on it was a good 40 feet or so from the swirling black darkness. In front of him, way closer than he should have been, was a man holding a wireless microphone. Only one of them seemed like they wanted to be there.


"Dude, it's FINE. Just think of the publicity!"


"You don't even know what that thing is!"


"Oh please. Watch." And with that, he picked up a rock... and tossed it in.


Part of it dispersed like smoke on the surface. The field held, though, and they both heard the impact with the snow beyond. "See? You're worried for nothing... ...oh." He looked behind his camera man as two women approached, not sure entirely what to make of them yet.

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