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Retail Or Coffeeshop Experience Preferred


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Silberman's Books, at the corner of Pratt and Frederick. Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018. 10:00 am.


Today it was the 'Tuesday Morning Power Trio' on the floor at Silberman's; Gretchen dutifully working the register, Lance at the bar pulling shots and making the magic happen, and Maddy on the sales floor with her warmth and English Lit degree. The morning crowd of old Jewish men playing checkers and moms chatting chatting over coffee while their babies dozed in their strollers was very much in evidence. The store's owner Lynn Epstein was in her office, sipping coffee and reading resumes while waiting for another applicant to show up for her interview.

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Superheroes are supposed to have secret identities. Even if it is just putting on a jacket and shades, and picking up a sword. In their off time they have to pay bills. The Freedom League was setting Jennifer up with housing, but they weren't paying her anything. So, for the first time in over a hundred years, she had to find a job. There was a lead that a book store was hiring in the West End. She'd done some odd jobs through out her unlife, dancer, bartender, messenger to courts of dangerous creatures. Selling books and keeping til would be easy.


Jennifer's resume was slim, but it had various references from the hero community at large, even some prominent names said she could deliver coffee and package without breaking either. So, that was enough to put her foot in the door. Right? She finished her cigarette before dabbing it out and chucking it in a near by trash can. She popped a couple of breath mints and practiced her lines. "Just be yourself," she said under her breath, "but don't try to joke. Never lightens the mood."  A couple of minutes later she walked into the store. Rose scented breath spray just in case the smell was on her.


It was a nice enough place. Early enough as it was. She dressed more formal. It was an interview. Knee-length black dress with black stockings and black heels. The only thing she didn't do formal was tie up her hair. She thought about faux glasses. Supers in the comics did it. But she didn't want to mislead the people she would be working for. Too much.


Pulling a manila envelope from her , she walked slowly - mainly to not trip on these heels - and with power. She identified the crew. A beautiful crowd this was. She was 20 minutes early, just to show punctuality. She went to the register first. "Hello, I am Jennifer James," she said looking the pretty woman in the eye, being assertive but not confrontational, "I am here for the interview with one Miss Epstein."

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Gretchen and Lance worked well together; they had a certain chemistry born from their entirely different energies (positive vs negative) and the fact that they both knew they'd never sleep together, because eww. Their vibe was somewhere between big brother/little sister and flirty cousins, and it made the days go much faster. On the other hand, Gretch decided a long time ago that she hated Maddy for no other reason than it amused her, and the store's top seller seemed to get the joke, such as it was, so the two constantly bickered and talked shit in the friendliest way possible.


However, everyone stopped and stared slack-jawed as the lovely, dark-haired creature that strode in the store like she owned the place. The three regular staff shared quick glances as Gretch mouthed 'holy s###', to which Maddy could only nod. But stunned disbelief had to yield to cool professionalism as the new arrival made her way over to the register and stated her business.


"Uh, okay," the young heroine finally managed. "I'll call her and let her know you're hear." She picked up the phone and called the manager's office; the whole time her dark blue eyes never left Jennifer's face, and a slight smile touched her lips. "Hey. You're 10:30's here a little early. Should I send her back, or do you want to come out? Okay, sure." 


Gretch hung up the phone, still smiling."She'll be right out."

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