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Narnia returns!

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Wow, is all I can say.

I really don't know if this film is good, bad or ok. I personally don't mind it, although it isn't exactly right that eight year old boys wearing full plate armour can out fight trained, disciplined warriors five times their age and three times the amount of experience without even sustaining a scratch!

I suppose its because even though the Telmarines are portrayed as evil men, I still want men to truimph over Myth. Oh yes, and i want Azlan to stay missing. His talk of good and love really bores me.

So, other people opinions?

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I thought it was very good, though it departed from the story quite a bit more than the first movie.

First, your wrong on a few things, first, both Peter and Edmund are much older than eight.

But as to being younger than grown men and being able to out fight them, your thinking in reality too much. The whole thing about Narnia (metioned somewhat in the books) is that there is something magical about Narnia, and the children are able to do much more than they can in the real world. There is also the fact that Edmund and Peter (and the girls) spent well over a "decade" as kings and queens the first time they were in Narnia, and both Peter and Edmund recieved a lot of fencing and fighting training (and even fought in many wars). In the book, they children were in Narnia a day or two before meeting the dwarf, and they commented about their old strenght and skills returning, so they basically had all their decade plus of traning and experience to call upon, even though they were still "children".

Bascially, its the magic of the area, they just don't explain that fully in the movie.

PS: Looked things up on Wikipedia. In the books, Edmund was 11 in the real world during Prince Caspian, Peter was about 16-17. During their time as Kings and Queens, they ruled for 15 years in Narnia, so they had 15 years of experience.

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You mean 15 years of sitting there, doing nothing? With the White witches demise, i doubt they saw any real combat or action, and they were not present when the Telmarines came alone.

Also, is Lucy got the ultimate health potion that never runs out? What wound can not be cured?

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Actually, there were a number of wars they fought after becoming kings and queens. If you read the book A Horse and His Boy, they talk about Peter being off campaigning against some giants that were causing troubles. Plus they fought other wars. Though the movie makes it seem otherwise, there are actually other humans in Narnia (they appared with Edmund, Lucy and Susan during their guest apperances in A Horse and His boy) as well as humans in other nearby kingdoms. Two of these were centeral to the story in A Horse and HIs Boy, one is Calormen, which is very closely patterned after the Ottoman Empire and other Middle Eastern midevil empires. They were a far larger empire that bordered Narina and one Calormene prince was looking to make Susan his bride, and was the primary antagonist in A Horse and His Boy. Calormenians return in The Last Battle as the bad guys again.

Another kingdom was Archenland, which was on Narnia's Northern border and allied with Narnia. The Calormene prince led an invasion of Archeland in the book as aprt of his plot to capture Susan, and Edmund and Lucy led Narnian troops (which included humans as well as the "normal" mythical creatures) to help Archenland repel he invasion.

A Horse and His Boy is actually my favorite of the Narnia books, but I am not sure they will ever make it a movie.

And as for Lucy's curing potion, it can't bring the dead back to life, but otherwise it can pretty much cure anything. If you have a mortal wound, but haven't died yet, it can heal you (like it healed Edmund in the first movie). And it actually can run out. In the book Prince Caspian, just after the dwarf met the kids at the ruins of their old palace, he twisted his ankle, and Lucy said that her potion could easily heal it, but Peter had ordered her (when they ruled Narnia) only to use it for serious injuries, precisely becaue it could be used up.

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