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So, Tiff mentioned the other night that it has been awhile since any Freedom League PCs have bene doing anything.  I might have some ideas for some threads, but wanted to check what characters are involved with the League these days.


League Members:


Fluer de Joie


Gaian Knight (and Tiamat)

Gabriel (when we get KD back)


League Auxiliary


Comrade Frost




Is there anyone I am missing?

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I think Sandman is on the Auxiliary.  But I'm also not sure that list was ever finalized 


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I think couple of people were discussed for Aux, including maybe Klara, but nothing was really decided.

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It was talked about in one of the threads here, but I don't think anything ever came of it? or if it did, i very much wasn't active while it was happening. I think I'd put Warp forward? But it wasn't like she was ever invited in IC or anything so i don't know if that counts. 

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