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Praetorians: The Eden Program (OOC)

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Okay Tiff, give me a KN: Technology roll for Traveller.


Everyone can make a gather info roll for the pub (except Queenie, as she does not speak Gal Standard).

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Hyperslice's roll: 4. Hyperslice is not good at talking to people and finding her way to a destination.

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Okay, it's basically this: the system and its people recently went through a very costly and bitter war. They had to pull together to survive. So they're going to go extra-hard on anyone who starts messing things up for everyone else. So if the Indigo Moon wants to NOT get several hammers dropped on them at once, they have an out: they can claim the people who did those jobs were rogue agents/faking being part of the gang and help collar them for the authorities. That way they improve their standing in the community, establish that they can be counted on by local law enforcement to, to a degree, self-police to keep real bad actors in line and gain a tiny bit of breathing room thanks to the first and second points.

Hyperslice's scheme as explained in Chat, per possible additional story angles.

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