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(This is for a potential guidebook entry because why not? --GranspeaZX)


A Primer on Runic Magic and Elemental Theory

Marcus G. Irons


One of the most fundamental lessons of magic is learning what exactly magic is. It is not inaccurate to say that there is no definitive answer; for all of the universe's rules, there are many exceptions. Codified magic, however, follows a strict order that, while not always predictable, provides a solid foundation for the practice of certain branches of magical theory. This paper will cover the most fundamental basics of terrestrial magic, and from there, elemental theory through the lens of runic spellcasting.


What is 'magic'?

Magic is everywhere. At its core, magic is simply energy, and it exists in all things. Thus, the theory that anyone can use magic is a valid one. This is not a complete truth, however, as the average person cannot access magical energy at will. This is largely because the most basic magic requires two separate energies--internal and external.


Internal magic is something we are all born with. Every living creature contains this, and it has many names--essence, spirit, and chi are but a few. This internal spark is what allows us to shape the world around us, even without the use of magic in the most traditional sense. External magic, by contrast, is the latent magical energy that exists in the world around us. There are a number of reasons for this, including the existence of elemental dimensions in close proximity to our own (some believe the Terminus is one of those dimensions). 


Everyone is not only born with internal magic, but they are also born with a limiter. Think of it as an invisible barrier between one's physical body and the outside world. This barrier actively prevents one from affecting the other. This natural defense against magic is stronger in some than others, and training in magic that isn't purely theoretical and academic is often geared towards poking holes in this barrier. Training both the body and the mind becomes immensely important, as the acclimation to the flow of magic is what every practitioner of the arcane arts will fall back to as a substitute for this barrier.  The sudden loss of this barrier has proven to be maddening at best, and some theorize that this had led to a number of epidemics, such as widespread lycanthropy.


Runic Magic

Runic magic is a broadly scoped field of study. Its nature is forever expanding and evolving because we, as humans, do the same. The fundamental definition of runic magic is the magical art of transferring a word into magical energy. Theoretically, internal magic gives a word magical form, and the user creates or rewrites the external energy around him with the resulting power. There are a number of theories that support the power of a word; throughout time, knowing an invoking the True Name of a being gave one tremendous power and control over it. As humans, we name everything because identifying things gives us some control over them.


A rune is simply a medium, and most runes are only fragments of a True Name. Runes can represent anything, from something as concrete as an object or elemental force, to something as abstract as a feeling or a concept. Because runic magic is rooted in language, the power behind a rune is almost natural for human beings to grasp, as many of its concepts and the way it interacts with the world at large is universal.


[Work in progress!]



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