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Thinking of a Place

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Though are considered Dazed.  Going to give Hannah another HP, as her homie is currently inactive.


Can you roll for Initiative please?

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Hannah's going to use her burst Dazzle to see about blinding them. She'll probably blind Corinne, but Corinne's captive anyway. That's a DC20 reflex save to avoid being suddenly blinded. 


Then, she's going to use a free action to switch to her blast, Does a 22 hit? She'll burn an HP to shrug off the fatigue.  

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Suited guy fails Ref.
Staff wielder does not.
Reflex: 1d20+6 16 1d20+9 21


I am going to say Suited Guy fails this roll
The Staff wielder was rolling against half effect.  So succeeds

Fort: 1d20+8 15 1d20+9 19

Who is she targeting for the attack?

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