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Arcturus had, admittedly, not give a lot of thought to what would happen if he surprised the Doctor. Now that it was a distinct possibility, , he wasn't completely sure how to proceed. Sucker punching him seemed almost wrong. Of course, that was Marcus's thinking; Animust didn't harbor any such hang-ups.


We could ask him to surrender.

...that wasn't a joke, was it?

No. I mean...its an opion

Does that man LOOK like he can be reasoned with? Who knows what unnatural filth is in that man's system. Just change forms. Unleash the Tiger. Run in and snaphis neck.


...okay fine. Just snap his neck a little bit.

Why do I even bother...


He wondered what Lobisomem would do. It wasn't as if he was going to stop the creature if it decided to just run in there and knock him senseless. Arcturus was probably going to have to be the one to haul him back to the surface anyhow, and he looked pretty heavy.

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