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Cleaning Up, Cleaning Out.


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Saturday, December 27th.

6:45 AM


Mr. Landis did not mind being up this early.  He was, after all, a morning person.  He could not, speak for his students, or at least the ones he was taking to Parkside to do some volunteer (read: voluntold) work and clean up at the Park for detention.  One of their days at least.  There would be more, especially for Corinne and Cheri.  The other two were members of the Brohort, the little super team filled with 'bros', Bombast (Robert Johnson) and Gains (Ryan Farrell), in similar velour tracksuits, and had occupied the back seat of the van as it trundled on their way.  They were being uncharacteristically quiet.  But then, Bombast was not a morning person.

"I do hope everything goes smoothly today.  We'll worry about lunch in a bit."  Said as he was parking the van at spot close to their clean-up section.

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