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Revanche Engines of Destruction (OOC)


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Stunting a alternate power


Cloak! (Concealment 6; All Visual, Radio and Graviton Senses; Extras: Affects others, Area Burst, Duration: Continous) [40pp]


Taking the fatigue for now.


Radio for Radar, Gravitons for gravity detectors and  such also standard invisability! Pluss i don't need to tie up my array!

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Well, the sensors in the shuttle are not nearly as good as on a standard Praetorian ship, but they can provide some information.  Moon-Moth is picking up a tremendous amount of energy from the comet, but not able to get much more information.  It is unlike anything he have heard about from a comet.

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Moon-moth thinks his friends need more time to think and come up with a plan, so he's going to reach out with his Magic and attempt to slow or stop the comet with his Move object!  taking the full round to increase its effective rank to 19 and its effective strength to 95!

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Okay, so Tiff, I will need a Notice check and a Pilot check for Traveller.


Ex, TT, I need a Reflex save for Moon-Moth and Cav (DC 22), depending on how that goes, then either a DC 27 or DC 21 Toughness save (unless either of you have Evasion)!  And Ex, TT, have a HP for teleporting into a danger zone!

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Good roll.  Moon-Moth does find a access panel and takes a look at the circuitry inside (no simple wires) and he is pretty sure he cannot do anything about the forcefield without also disabling the engines that are in place to slow this thing down.


In any event, that disable device roll is not good enough to disable the system.

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Yes, the rule of cool will play into this a lot.  It will take a HP to do this (basically Inventing) but that will get cancelled out by throwing yourself into danger.


GM post in coming.


Will need a DC 22 Reflex save and then a Toughness save (DC 21 if you make the Reflex save, DC 27 if you miss it)


Seresk misses his reflex save, but makes the toughness save.

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so letsee what moth is doing.


Teleport 20("astral maelstrom"; Extra: affects others, area burst, accurate flaws: Long range, uncontrolled, Tiring) 40pp


is what i had in mind open to Suggestions

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