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Draft: Joe's Diner

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This is a guide to a NPC location that can be freely used by anyone.


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Joe's diner is a quintessential slice of Freedom city, an American Diner that's survived intact since the 1950's.  Situated on the border of the Fens near the theater district it has become known by a very diverse crowd.  The locals in the Fen's head there for good cheap eats and one of the best milkshakes in town.  Theater goers, looking for an authentic diner experience head there after shows as Joe's holds late hours on most nights.  The decor is classic 50's and while it looks a little dated, the various owners have done their best over the years to maintain the establishment with the last major renovation happening nearly ten years ago.  There is a mixture of booths and tables along with a large counter with stools for about 10 people.  True to the diner motif there is a jukebox, although it's a more modern variety which has a large selection of music from different eras.  There is no drive in, and while there is decent parking, the city has grown up around Joe's with larger multi tenant buildings on either side of the eatery.


The current owner is Frank Constanzio, a life resident of the Fens and a former busboy who worked for Joe when the diner first opened.  He is in his late fifties with a perpetual scowl and large meaty hands.  He usually wears a long sleeved shirt which covers the various tats which cover his powerful looking arms.  While he has no powers, he is a very capable individual and has been more than a match for the various punks and gang bangers which seem frequently attracted to his establishment.  While he doesn't keep a gun on premise, he does have a Louisville slugger under the counter and always in arms reach.  While Frank comes off as a curmudgeon, he's a pretty decent guy and goes out of his way to make sure the people who work and eat at his place are well cared for.  Additionally, he funnels off funds from every evening into a charity which helps disadvantaged youth in the Fens.  Although, he will never admit to doing so.




The current staff consists of four waitresses, who rotate their shifts as well as six busboys as two part time chefs.  While none of them are notable, there is one hero who works here in her alter identity.  Moe Yamazaki, known as the hero Sensus, has worked there for some time and Moe is rather fond of her in a fatherly sort of way.  One of the quirks of the Diner is a large sign on the counter that says 'I ain't Joe'.


As for the food, it's above average diner fare; meatloaf, breakfast all day, burgers, and the like.  It is known for some of the best shakes in the city as well as being supremely affordable.  Frank will make nearly anything for the regulars, which is a behavior that becomes obvious if people ever return to the restaurant frequently.


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