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HG Morrison

Rush Hour (OOC)

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Doing two things.


(1) Taking control of the switch if possible.

(2) Checking to see if it's been tampered with.


Control of the Switch: 1d20+10 = 11

Okay, this is getting silly as that seems to be all that I can roll.  Using her HP to try again.

Control of the Switch Mk2: 1d20+10 = 19


If that's enough to get into the switch, Computers to see if it's been tampered with: 1d20+20=29


*sigh* It's going to be one of those threads.  Dice... they are not kind.

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Okay, I don't know if we started in rounds yet, but here is a computer check for when she can try to get the license plate.  If it works you can let me know when she finds that out.


Computers: 1d20+20 = 27

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Give me a bluff roll Cape.


Blazing, she'll get the info after 30 IC mins!  The search will be running in the background.  

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