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NPC's for Use in FC PbP


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Most Ideas Courtesy of ATT Posters. These aren't fleshed out NPC's, but Ideas to work off of. Many coming from Crooks! 1st ed.

Unitol: Group led by Overshadow, situated in the Middle East. Mainly military conquests carried out. latest project is the conquest of Turkey and the annihilation and testing of it's Parahumans.

OverShadow: Leader of Unitol, very poweful, and commands a vast army. (don't know much about him myself, If I were to use him which I intend to, i'd read up on him first, but this is what I got for now.)

Unifier: Figurehead in charge of Unitol. Right hand man of Overshadow, though he lusts for more power. Commander of Operation Turkish Takeout.

WaspHawk: General in Command of the Skies for Unitol. Directly under the hand of the Unifier. He commands a unit that specializes in airborne fighting.

Behemoth: Time passed, and the Behemoth slowly lost more and more sanity, until eventually, at his request, he was locked away in a mountain retreat, with a self sustaining system that would eventually let him die as peacefully as he could. Overshadow, hearing of this through various agents sought out the powerful Behemoth and collared him. Enough to give him consciousness, but free-will is not evident. he will not act until Overshadow gives the word, now Behemoth is merely a shell, a killing machine.

CZAR: Super-powered half human abomination. Still angry at humanity and Russia for it's betrayal. He seeks conquest of Russia, and has often fought The Proletariat and Protonik in attempts to gain a foothold somewhere, though they continue to thwart his attempts to expand. The thought being that when he raises himself one step, he will not retreat another. Better to stop him in mid step, than attempt to force him off when he's cemented in.

Protonik: Protector of Russia. (Don't have much on him yet. same for Proletariat. Have to get those books. This is more a placeholder for them at the moment.

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I would like to see a reason why we should use those Meta-4 characters, rather than the numerous NPCs that we already have in the Freedomverse. I have already used a few Meta-4 characters myself, in order to have some lower PL villains to use against PL 7 folk. All of the characters that you listed were PL 10+, and some of them already have counterparts in Freedom City. Protonik is very similar to Superior. Overshadow already exists with his own shadow army.

Furthermore, these all seem to be characters based outside of the city. We try to keep our threads within Freedom City, though I'll be the first to admit that I stretch that definition more than anyone else between time travel and dimensional travel. Would Unitrol be invading America, or would the superhumans be going out to meet them elsewhere?

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I had wanted to use a few of these for the adventure I have coming up, just so I can get RPing and such.

WaspHawk and the Unifier would be the main villains of the new adventure, the reason Unifier as 10+ Pl, is because Captain Communist is PL 10, and there would be other heroes, so to event the odds of 3 or more on 1, I added in some PL 10+ NPC's.

Overshadow, I can drop, since he already exists. I failed to check that.

CZAR, well, I was being a bit selfish there. I had a whole story-line pretaining to Captain Communists improvement and back-story that I intended to write up in the future, and The CZAR would be a like Minded Rival in taking over Russia, so I had a few encounters planned with The CZAR that would allow for some interesting writing for me and such.

Yeah, i'm selfish >.< 8-)

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