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Hey look it's my Quarterly I'm back announcement

Brown Dynamite

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I really am back to it.  But, since I've let threads fall fallow again, just give me a heads up if anyone wants to actually continue the threads I've let sitting for them.  I'm always down, but some of these are super backdated now and I understand if it's lost the appeal for some of y'all .  If even a single person expresses interest in a thread continuing I'll continue said thread.  If everyone wants said thread to die, I'll leave it burried and gone.  (That said I'm aiming for a quick pace to finally tell these stories to completion)  I'll even do y'all the kindness of tagging y'all in here as it helps to shame me for letting so many threads sit!


@Tiffany Korta @Ari @olopi @KnightDisciple @Avenger Assembled @alderwitch @angrydurf @Exaccus @Electra @Gizmo @Moira Morley @Heritage@Thunder King@Thevshi @Avorez @Blarghy  @Blue Rose  @SupercapeLetsee, I think that's everyone waiting on me somewhere.


Plus, plus, plus


Give me a heads up if y'all have any thread ideas you want me to hop in on as player or you're simply looking for a GM.  Plus, any thread proposals I sent you before my latest disappearing act I will pursue now.  I do plan on being very very active up until October of 2018 where I will disappear until this time again (And it will be an abrupt disappearance.  Lemme tell ya.).  Boy, do I feel sorry for whoever will be doing my counts January and beyond. 

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Then let me help with the reminder of said threads.


Theogony:  Moira


Vanguard Holding Out for a Hero: Tiff and Ex, buuut hey Thev you're back.  You can join in on Dreadnought's backdated recruitment to Vanguard.


Wof: The Great Apescape: Tiff


And Now For Something Completely Different:  TA, Olopi, and Shoe.  Which will now likely be down to TA and Olopi


Everyone Hates a Prequel:  AA and Durf


Are You My Mummy?  TK, Tiff, Cape, AA, KD, and Ecal.  Which leaves just Tiff and Cape unless TK and AA express interest in continuing.


So Do Our Minutes Hasten?   Tiff, Olopi, AA, Ari, and TA


Age of the Aquarian Thev, Curiouskey, Durf, TK, and Rav.  Which would be down to Thev, Durf, and TK


Atlantis Attacks: Alder, AA, Electra, KD.  KD being indesposed.


Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting Giz


Yo Ere Tan Cool Tiff 


Maximum Hunting :  Fox and AA


Revanche Under the Sword (Hey look one I'm not GMing!  But, Olopi TA, and DS, minus the DS)


Thrown Into Confusion :  Tiff


I believe in Miracles: Heri


A Legacy of Crime Giz


Creature Feature:  Tiff


Mysterious Circumstances Tiff and Heri (Look at us 3 years later still trying to wrap this.)


Grim Demeanor:  Heri (This too)


I'd toss in the Velocity's Race to the Death solo, but every time we try there's another real life shooting incident that makes the thread more stalled :(



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So, I would be up for joining the Vanguard thread if others want to continue it. 

I am also up for continuing Age of Aquarian, and as mentioned in chat, we would only be down Rav. 

As for Revanche: Under the Sword, I had thought that it might be best to just put the Revanche threads out to pasture and handle that storyline by Guidebook pages (given that some people are now gone, like Dark, Vahn and Rav), but I would be up for at least finishing up that thread if everyone else wants to (and maybe even continuing on the Revanche stories if there is enough interest).

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