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Hail, Yon Heroes!

Cool Homosapien

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In the multiverse, there are different worlds. Some worlds are completely different. Like this one. Everything is handled by gold and steel. Heroes pile corpses of monsters and bandits to get to their goals (like bringing 20 bear carcasses, or escorting slow town folks). This world has a different set of values. Thieves in plain sight (if you can see them) who will steal anything not bolted down. Comely magicians who use their wiles/magic to feed their 'appetite' (and get free stuff). Rage monsters with with giant weapons who's answer to everything starts with the name of their weapon. And hippies who turn into various owl and tree hybrids to do healing and protection.


Well, they're here now. They need to find and kill a powerful wizard on this earth and kill him. The wizard is not innocent. They have the blood of hundreds on their hands. They're just here to rustle up some reinforcements and special equipment.


What's the goal of this story? To teach the heroes of another world the ways of this world. Don't kill and steal and other unsavory acts. Most wont get it, but a cone or two may! Also, to 'save' the villain from their fate. Though you still have to deal with the wizard's plan too.


The heroes you have to keep in check will be PL8, so 7s to 10s can join, Maybe one character above that level, but I have plans if that happens Wizard's going to float PL depending on who we get. I'd be looking for four at most. It's a Freedom City adventure. Characters don't have to be magic/fantasy based.


So, who's up for it?

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