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"What Kind of ****hole Planet Is This?"


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There are worlds that aren't contacted for a reason. Showing up to certain planets at a specific time with equipment several TLs forward is like throwing a match on a powder keg. The planet Kolast is just one of these, as it is currently in the middle of one of the longest, darkest ages in this sector - like Warhammer Fantasy with all the "summary execution for heresy" of WH40K. None of the formal powers want to touch it, for fear of turning a long and bloody melee into a planetary firestorm. 


Unfortunately, it appears somebody beat them to the punch. A hero rises on the planet's southern continent, the very fist of the war god Olaya herself. Arrows shatter against him. Mountains fall beneath his fist. And his gaze will burn the unworthy. 


But how much of it is rumor? How much of it is a sudden magical manifestation? And how much of it is outside interference? The Praetorians - and, perhaps, other representatives of Lor-Van and interested powers - must touch down to find out what's happening, and ask themselves some hard questions. How long can you let the current order continue when people are suffering? Don't people have a right to decide their own destinies, even if it may lead to a self-destructive cycle? And is it colonialism if someone else messed it up first? 


(TL;DR - It's Hard to Be a God, only Daenerys Targaryen is working to burn everyone's stuff down, but there's a non-zero chance that she's really not supposed to be there. Who's up for away missions, trying to prevent anyone from realizing first contact has happened, and dealing with some weird moral choices?)

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