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Curious Key

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Player Name: Curious Key

Character Name: Gloom
Power Level: 8/12 (180/180)
Trade-Offs: +2 DEF/-2 TOU
Unspent Power Points: 0
In Brief: A headless creature who has mastered the mists prowls Bedlam while keeping their own bloody secrets.
Alternate Identity: Mica Nietskar 
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Bedlam
Occupation: Bartender
Affiliations: The Bisclarvet 
Family: Mary Hesselius (Mom, Deceased?), Arnold Hesselius  (Dad, Deceased), Reginald Hesselius (Brother, Deceased), Alex Hesselius (Sister, Turned), Gregory Hesselius (Brother, Turned), Robert West (Husband, Deceased) Alan Westenra (Sire)
Apparent Age: Early twenties
Age: 63 (Born September 2, 1954)
Gender: Fluid | Leans Toward Neutral
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155lb
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Mica has black hair, cut around their ears, framing a rounded, hairless face, a sharp nose and expressive eyes with small fangs that are easy to miss. Their complexion is perpetually pale and build that's slim and whipcord, standing at a moderate height with grace long limbs. The simple truth is that Mica's body leans in a very androgynous place which is quite to their liking, as they tend to be a very androgynous person. Their preferred genders switch with some frequency, with them sometimes adopting the look of a pretty boy or the modern fashions of young women. But they tend to stay more neutral most of the time, preferring a vest over a short-sleeved shirt paired with jeans or shorts in a way that leaves people flustered and confused.
As Gloom, Mica dresses a black biker's jumpsuit, with black boots and black gloves. While their head is not necessarily covered up they keep their head misted whenever possible, leaving even the most clear glimpse of the hero as a headless shape shrouded in black. The parts of Mica's body that are entangled in mist form manifest as a wispy black fog.
Mica's beast form is a huge cat that doesn't quite match up with any felines that naturally exist in the world, with huge, vicious teeth that speak to a darker, more primordial age. It's roughly the size of a mountain lion, with a coat of dull black fur and glowing yellow eyes.
Power Descriptions:


Gloom's mist is solid black in color, whether it's the mist that they summon to obscure the views of other or the mist that they become themselves. Their blood magic, on the other hand, is very difficult to see, since Gloom mostly uses it to either reinforce their own body or to leverage mental attacks that are by their very nature, invisible. 


They also have the ability to adopt a bestial form, a 'monstrous cat,' which allows them to run with incredible swiftness, leap vast distances and enhances their senses.


Mirn Hesselius was the last child of the rare successful entrepreneur in Bedlam. They were born in the 1950s, in the midst of Bedlam's brightest moment, and they were raised as Bedlam fell on its face and began to rot. They had three siblings, two brothers and a sister. The eldest brother remembered their mother, but none of the others could remember her. There's no such thing as a 'clean' success story in Bedlam. There are cops to pay off and little cruelties to deliberately not see, if you really want to get ahead and no one is truly innocent. However, by the measure of Bedlam their father, Arnold Hesselius, was a pretty decent man. But by Mirn's measure he was not a good father. For this and other reasons, Mirn was eager to get gone from Bedlam. On bad terms, they abandoned the city and their family, escaping into a marriage of convenience with a young man in Seattle with similar circumstances.
The rest stayed. Their father died, and with him one of the brothers. The other married into a family in Stone Ridge and took it upon himself to take care of their surviving sister, all the while Mirn learned more about the world and the kind of person that they were. After years of estrangement, their brother reached out to Mirn, asking them to come home to meet his new family. Feeling grateful for this olive branch, they returned to visit Bedlam in high spirits with their husband.
Alas, it was not meant to be. Their brother's new 'grandfather' killed Mirn's husband, turned Mirn on the spot and bound them to his unholy bloodline. As a newborn vampire, Mirn was compelled to serve and obey their sire. 
But Mirn was used to dealing with people telling them what to do. They had a stronger will than their sire had anticipated and his compulsion did not take as firmly as he hoped. They twice escaped Stone Ridge, once from the actual physical space and a second time from the hunt for the 'poor lost person' that only the wealthy could have marshaled in Bedlam. Mirn was never found, and so faded slowly into obscurity, remembered only by the undead remnants of their family and the man who had tried to make himself their master.
Some years after their disappearance, a headless spirit called 'Gloom' appeared, haunting the streets downtown as a force of inconvenient vigilante justice. Mirn drifted into and out of society, taking new names every few decades and sliding into new roles. Their most recent is 'Mica Nietskar.'
Personality & Motivation:
Mica is genuinely very much a private person, preferring the company of few to the acquaintanceship of many, the sights, sounds and . . . smells of many people in close proximity can be overwhelming, and so they try to avoid that where they can. Micacan 'handle' large crowds, especially in familiar spaces, but they tend to make Mica stressed . . . Which can be bad on the Bisclarvet's busy days. Mica feels most comfortable with routine and control, and are usually very grumpy and resistant whenever something disrupts that routine, making them both reliable and hard headed. 
They have developed a deep respect and personal connection with the pariahs and outcasts of society and in undeath that affection has extended to the supernaturally weird as well. Werewolves, sorcerers, seers and stranger things the city wants to use, and if it can't use them, it wants to destroy them. They say vampires are selfish—and it's true. Because these are Mica's people. Their dreams are Mica's dreams. Their joys are Mica's joys, and Mica keeps what's theirs safe.
It should come as no surprise, then, that Mica can be a little intense sometimes. Those who hit it off with them will find Mica to be a very nosy friend who cares a lot and worries more than they let on. 
Powers & Tactics:
Gloom will try to engage without using any powers that out them as a vampire, descending on their targets in mist form and drowning the surrounding area with their obscure power. While they cannot see through their own mist, their powerful mental senses allow them to detect blood with great accuracy, which is generally good enough to find and eliminate most enemies they come across, using emotion control to guide their target's reactions toward terror and enhanced strength to give them a good whack to make sure they stay down.
Their mental transform, on the other hand, Gloom tends to use far more carefully, normally to erase of the memory of someone who learned something that Gloom would prefer they not know, or to help cover their tracks and build a plausible existence for themselves in the minds of those around them. They prefer not to use their beast form where anyone can see if at all possible, only assuming the form in order to more effectively hunt, track or sniff out trouble before engaging as Gloom.

Neonate — Some strains of vampires are independent creatures, but Mica's is not. Even as their mind insists on rebellion, their blood insists they serve their elders. This makes their ongoing war against the mystical rot in Bedlam—vampires and Mica's sire in particular—complicated.
Nightwalker  The sun is not lethal to Mica, but it does take its toll. They become sluggish, tired and dull when exposed to sunlight. It's possible that something might escape their notice or that Mica's powers may fail, at the discretion of the GM. 
The Bisclavret — Mica has found work at a little hole-in-the-wall bar in an alley down Grunwalt St. working bartending behind the counter for the Bisclavret. The pay's absolute garbage and the drink tastes like death, but while Luna Autumn has little love for the weird, she also has a reputation for not asking questions. This has turned the Bisclavret into a 'safe' haven for people like Mica who might not be as human as they look. The local gangs and the 1st Precinct suspect. When they remember it exists at all, they know they can hone in on the patrons of the Bisclavret and Luna won't do a thing about it. This is one of the only 'human' connections Mica has, and they will protect it with their unlife.
Underside  Living in the sewers causes as many problems as it solves. There's an entire ecosystem of nasty things that go bump in the night in the spooky, out-of-the-way places of Bedlam, and setting up in Underside puts Gloom in direct competition with many who would use this space to their own ends, whether they go bump in the night or walk openly in the light.
By Blood Be . . . Uh?  Mica draws deeply on the spiritual connection that creatures share through the blood that runs in their veins for their magic. This can be a weakness, as bloodless creatures cannot be manipulated through their blood magic in the same way those that have blood can. 
Pawn of the Abyssal Idiot The ritual which created Mica's vampiric lineage is tied to the Unspeakable One, like it or not. There may be aspects of the curse which mystics in service to eldritch powers may exploit, and it's very possible that heroes and people on the side of 'good' may still find it difficult to look past the force that animates Gloom.
Godforsaken Symbols that represent great faith, regardless of what that faith is, as well as holy power in general are anathema to Mica. How exactly they interact with Mica will vary greatly depending on the intensity of faith or an object's connection with true deities, but simply hearing a hymn can or prayer uttered earnestly can cause Mica pain. In addition, divine forces meant to harm evil beings and prevent their passage will affect Mica unless they are specifically exempted. 
Vampire Physiology  Despite requiring no fortitude saves, Mica still needs to eat. Or, more accurately, drink. If they ever begin to 'starve' they find themselves unable to heal, assume their mist form and become increasingly inhuman looking. They prefer to subsist on blood bags, small mammals and sometimes shallow drinks from people, which can sustain them for several days, though robust use of their powers can burn through their reserves very quickly. As a vampire, a wooden stake through the heart will prevent them from resurrecting.  
Abilities: 0 + 10 -10 + 6 + 10 + 8 = 24PP
Strength: 10/26 (+0/8)
Dexterity: 20 (+5)
Constitution: —
Intelligence: 16 (+3)
Wisdom: 20 (+5)
Charisma: 18 (+4)
Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP
Initiative: +5
Attack: +4 (Base +4, +8 Blood Magic) 
Grapple: +4/12 (4 Attack +0/8 [Strength])
Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -4
Saving Throws: 0 + 1 + 2 = 3PP
Toughness: +6 (+6 Protection)
Fortitude: —
Reflex: +6 (+5 Dex, +1)
Will: +7 (+5 Wis, +2)
Skills: 112R = 29PP
Acrobatics 6 (+11)
Notice 9 (+14) Skill Mastery
Stealth 9 (+14) Skill Mastery
Survival 8 (+13) Skill Mastery
Diplomacy 7 (+11, +15 Attractive)
Bluff 7 (+11, +15 Attractive)
Disguise 12 (+16) Skill Mastery
Intimidate 7 (+11)
Sense Motive 5 (+10)
Search 6 (+9)
Gather Information 10 (+14)
Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+7)
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 8 (+11)
Knowledge (History) 8 (+11)
Sleight of Hand 10 (+15)
Feats: 17PP
Dodge Focus 6
Equipment 2
Hide in Plain Sight
Power Attack
Skill Mastery (Disguise, Stealth, Survival, Notice)
Jack of all Trades
Equipment: 2PP = 10EP
HQ: Underside (PL8 HQ) 10EP
Size — Large [3EP]
Toughness  10 [1EP]
Features — Library, Concealed 2 [DC 15], Living Space, Laboratory, Security System [6EP]
No one talks about the derelict sewers beneath Downtown. Not because they're special or scary, that at least would be worth talking about, but because no one cares. A city project that was abandoned long ago along with the rest of the town, this expanded sewer was left to rot, closed off with plywood and drywall and forgotten about. Lately, if anyone pays attention—and no one is—they might notice that something has moved into the sewers. 

In truth, Gloom has set up shop here, turning the abandoned sewer complex into a home and base of operations. Here, pilfered tools line the walls, the tunnels and inexplicable dead ends of an abandoned sewer system slowly transforming into an established complex, built on a slapdash combination of stolen technology and low magic.

Powers: 30 + 6 + 4 + 6 + 5 + 1 + 21 + 21= 94
Immunity 30 (Fortitude Saves) 30PP
Regeneration 6 (Resurrection [One Week], Recovery Bonus +0) 6PP
Concealment 4 (Total; Extras: Permanent; Flaws: Limited [Machines]) 4PP
Protection 6 6PP
Super Senses 5 (Blood Awareness [Olfactory], Acute, Analytical, Tracking; Uncanny Dodge [Olfactory]) 5PP
Drain Constitution 1 1PP (Vampire Drain)
Blood Magic 9.5 (19PP Array, Alternate Power 2) 21PP (Descriptor: Blood)
BP: Enhanced Strength 16 (Feats: Accurate Attack 2 [Unarmed]; Extras: Linked) |18PP| 1+18=19PP (Fortify own Blood)
   +Speed 1 (10mph, 100ft per round; Extras: Linked) |1PP|
AP: Emotion Control 8 (Feats: Accurate 2, Subtle) 19PP (Rally the Blood) 
AP: Mental Transform 8 (Alter Memories; Flaws: Distracting; Duration +1 Continuous], Alternate Save [Will]; Feats: Accurate 2, Subtle) 19PP (Enthrall)
Vampire Forms 10 (20PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 1) 21PP (Descriptor: Undead)
BP: Beast Form 4 (20PP Active, Sustained Container) 20PP
Morph 6 (Monstrous Cat, +30 Disguise; Extras: Permanent [+0]; Feats: Innate) 7PP
Enhanced Super Senses (Enhanced Blood Awareness [Olfactory] Tracking 2; Extended [100ft Notice Increment], Darkvision) 4PP
Super Movement (Wall Crawling 2) 4PP
Enhanced Speed 2 (25/50mph, 250/500ft per round) 2PP
Leaping 3 (100/180ft Running Long Jump, 50/90ft Standing Long Jump, 25/45ft High Jump) 3PP 

AP: Mist Form 4 (20PP Active, Sustained Container) 20PP (Descriptor: Mist)

Insubstantial 2 (Mist; Feats: Selective) 11PP (I Am Mist)
Flight 1 (10mph, 100 ft per round, Feats: Subtle) 3PP (Make No Mistake)
Obscure 4 (50ft radius, Visual, Flaws: Range [Touch]) 4PP (Did You Mist Me)
Super Movement 1 (Permeate) 2PP (Locked Room Mistery)
Drawbacks: (-3) = -3


Vulnerability (Fire, Frequency: Common. Intensity: Moderate [1.5X DMG]) -3


DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                  EFFECT

Unarmed             Touch      15DC Toughness        Damage (Physical)

Unarmed [Enhanced]  Touch      23DC Toughness        Damage (Physical)

Vampire Drain       Touch      11DC Fortitude        Drain Constitution 

Emotion Control     Perception 18DC Will             Emotion Control

Mental Transform    Touch      18DC Will             Alter Memories


Totals: Abilities (24) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (3) + Skills (29) + Feats (17) + Powers (94) - Drawbacks (3) = 180/180 Power Points

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Oh, it's meant to be a ruse, they're not really headless. It's basically them exploiting their insubstantial power. They're not so much headless, so much as they leave their head insubstantial when they wanna go be Gloom. Should that maybe be more obvious? Or is that maybe a little too weird?

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