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Codex Immortus: Comrade Frost (OOC)


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Unlikely we will need it (much) but here if we do....


For the sake of this encounter, whilst rather academic: Murk will take 20 on various rolls being prepared by foresight. 


Gather Info: 31

Knowledge (Arcane): 17

Knowledge (History): 31


Cross Referencing with Rep Sheet and mindful of time

Comrade Frost is an ice-controlling Russian superhero: He is not actually a cold controller, but a thermovore. 

Frost's powers are magic, though not spells. 

World War II was particularly brutal on the Eastern Front, with the conflict between superhumans especially nasty. 

Comrade Frost is the only surviving member of the WWII-era incarnation of the Peoples' Heroes. 

Frost has been an active super-agent for first the Soviet, then the Russian government, since the 1940s. 

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