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I was thinking the other day, that I really enjoyed the old Marvel Supers game I used to play, but the system itself was ridiculously clunky. I had to use the universal chart as a wallpaper, I had to refer to it so often.... M&M is much more user friendly. Which, of course, begs the question, "Wouldn't it be great to run an M&M game using Marvel characters?" To which, I think the response would likely be, "Hell yes!!" So I guess what I'm getting at here, is if I were to start up a game (on a dedicated forum, most likely), would anyone be interested in playing?

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I liked that game a lot, but the Universal Table always felt more like the bane of my existence, rather than my friend. I think I will always prefer d20, and besides, it'll be lots of fun to make all our favorite Marvel heroes using M&M rules, I think. I'm thinking PL10 to start, but I am open to attempts at persuasion. Also, bribes. :D

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The big question is: how will this impact FC?

Would the game be using Marvel characters transported to the FC'verse (like some sort of company crossover)? (If so, can FC folks go to the Marvel Universe?)

Or would it be wholly in the Marvel Universe, with no ties to FC? If it's not really going to have any ties to FC, then you may be better off running it elsewhere, like at the Atomic Think Tank's own Game Room.

Another question: at what point are these Marvel characters from? Their early days? Current incarnations? Some mish-mash combining elements of all their versions?

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I was actually planning on setting up a new board entirely, although we could make it a little crazy and have them all sent to the FC universe somehow... I'm not active at ATT, so they probably won't appreciate me starting off as a GM. I put the interest cjeck here because this is where I play and know some people. Opinions? And as far as timeline, that's up for debate, and I figured we would create the characters ourselves, pickin and choosing from their various powers as we go, or we could start with their original powers and work up to future incarnations, either way, I just love that universe and those characters, and really want to try this out.

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I was thinking of the whole thing as a big group project, everyone picks a marvel character and stats them out to whatever PL we decide to play at, to be approved by a certain portion of the rest of the group. The nice part to that approach is that you can pick and choose from the cool and poorly thought out features of each hero. For example, Spidey could have organic webs without the stupid stinger things he got at the same time. Iron Man could have machine communication without the never-fully-explained phenomenon of his armor residing in his bones..... And just think, Cap could still have his artistic talent! Hank Pym, growing, shrinking, but not beating wives? It's a thought!! In case you hadn't noticed yet, I'm not much for limitations, and I think we should do away with them as much as possible and just run wild. I'll set to work setting up a board tonight, let you know when it's operational. If I can, I'll put up a few polls regarding house rules and settings and whatnot, and anyone who's gonna play can place their vote. We could even play out the paranoia of the Skrull Invasion, (for those of us who have no local comic shop and haven't read it yet)!

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Alright, sorry I've been so quiet the last few days, had a lot going on around here. I still plan on running this, of course, just might have set my timetable back a bit, is all. I'll get on that site setup sometime today (for real this time).

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