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All right - 




Searching around, Alexa finds a lost cellphone that appears to have slid under one of the display cases in the room. Pressing a few buttons reveals that it belongs to Mustache (based on the home screen picture) give me a DC 20 Disable Device check to hack his security and get into his phone. 


Assuming you pass that: 


Mustache's name is Tim Rice, he's a Freedom City boy and recently out of the Navy based on the pictures you can find. It looks like his boss has sent him to a lot of libraries, now that you think about it - there are pictures of strange artifacts and strange-looking texts, many of them accompanied by bizzare, disturbing drawings of creatures that look a lot like half-remembered images of Deep Ones like Aquaria. 




Looking outside the window at the rear of the museum, Jessie spots a van parked suspiciously up in the back way of the museum. The police must have missed it while they were searching the area; but it does seem peculiar that a fish warehouse delivery van would be parked this distance from the other warehouses. Closer inspection reveals that the front cab of the van is big, large enough that half a dozen men could have fit in there if they'd squeezed into the extended cab. 


But they couldn't have traveled very far that way. 


If she opens the back of the truck (which is a Strength check she can easily pass) it's full of Deep One artifacts! She can see other pieces of armor and weapons, old-looking books, inscriptions in what she recognizes as Lemurian - someone's been busy! 


Sea Devil outside tastes some more pertinent information - but that can wait till its my turn! 


@BlazingCoconut or @Electra, you can go ahead and post if you like. 

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It's a simple enough camera that seems to be transmitting to a nearby, more powerful transmitter - so the logical connection is that the signals are being sent from there and broadcast to another location. 


A closer inspection will reveal that they're broadcast to something a few miles away - no, a mile away, no, a few thousand feet away... 

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