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Soup of Human Kindness [Open]

Tiffany Korta

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Whilst like any city Freedom City has its problems it also took great care to help those who were struggling for a variety of reasons. Many generous people gave up their time to try and help those in need, an especially at a time like this when not only was it the holiday season but the temperatures tended to drop.


As with most things in the city, Superheroes were very much involved giving their time and energy to help make a difference in whatever ways they could.


Temporary Soup Kitchen, Liberty Park

Robin's Nest Senior Care, Lincoln, Freedom City


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Scarab III, Temporary Soup Kitchen, Liberty Park


Kamala had always felt it was important to help those less fortunate than herself, beyond the fact that it was expected by her religion. Every year the volunteers from the various Churchs, Synagogue, Mosques and Temple, along with other just interested in helping, created a temporary soup kitchen in Liberty Park to hand out food and blankets to those who found themselves to be homeless this time of year.


Kamala had always given her time to volunteer to help, but this year she figured that she could help draw more attention to the cause. Since a few fleeting appearances throughout the last few months and that encounter in Miami, the media had been speculating on this new Scarab.


So feeling a little self-conscious she was her in costume, helping at her insistence, with the promise that after the media covered the event she'd answer a few questions about herself. But the homeless in her mind always came first.

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"Hot stuff, coming through!" A very cheerful Miracle Girl came out of the food prep area, carry a large aluminium tray full of macaroni & cheese; judging from the steam rising off of it, it was piping hot, but the blonde heroine easily held it with her bare hands. She wore her usual red, white and blue bodysuit, but she'd wrapped a red and white wool scarf around her neck as a festive touch; it was a gift from her grandmother, and it was covered with smiling snowmen.


Casey was delighted when she heard about the soup kitchen; how did she not know about this before?  The teen powerhouse had shown up before dawn, her full toolkit and first aid supplies at the ready in case of any emergency. Until know, she'd been so busy helping set up that she hadn't taken the time to greet any of the others supers present.


"If you could just let me...squeeze past," she asked Scarab as she approached one of the folding tables, looking for a place to put her burden down. "Careful, it's hot! I'm Miracle Girl, by the way; nice to meet you! I'd shake hands, but- " She indicated the tray of cheesy goodness with a smile and a shrug.

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Kamala had done her homework and tried to learn about as many of the active heroes as she could, not an easy job when if seemed that every month a new hero or two would make their debut. Though the citizen of Freedom City never seemed bored of them, even if most didn't more than glance when on flew over there head. Still, it was handy to be introduced to one even if she did know her name.


"Very pleased to meet you." she replied in her soft New Jersey accent, scooting back a little to give Miracle Girl room "I'm The Scarab if you didn't know."


She paused wondering which of the fairly standard questions the other hero would as her.


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"Oh yeah," said Casey as she gingerly found a spot for her tray. "You're like the third hero to bear that name, right? That's cool, that you're keeping that legacy alive." Finally with hands free, she beamed as she offered up a firm handshake that spoke to both her confidence and power; it was not hard to sense the energy that filled this young woman. "There we go, a proper introduction!" 


Surprisingly, the blonde powerhouse seemed less curious about the Scarab and more focused on staying on task as she spoke with one of the soup kitchen's organizers. "Okay, that's the last of the hot stuff until Scorchin' Ray's sends their truck back around noon; any other heavy stuff you need moved from point A to point B?" Then she turned back to Scarab when a thought struck her. "I forget, do you have like super-strength or telekinesis? I can never keep track of everyone's powers."

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Scarab III, Temporary Soup Kitchen, Liberty Park


"Yes I'm the third to take up the title in the modern age, it seemed the most appropriate title to assume." it was almost a stock answer, Kamala had expected it to be asked a lot when the press finally got a chance to interview her.


Actually watching the younger hero work she was impressed with how organized she was, Kamala wondered if in her non-superhero life she was part of some organisation maybe even a business rival. With her bracelet on she could have easily found out by reading her mind, but that didn't really feel like the right thing to do.


"I'm working on polymer fibres to boost the suits strength, but for now I can adjust the gravitational field around the suit to make lifting easier. But it seems you have things well in hand!"

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Robin's Nest Senior Care, Lincoln Freedom City


Alexa smiled at the old man sitting across from her.  They were playing chess, and to be fair, she was letting him win.  She was reasonably sure he knew that, but given her intelligence and abilities, a straight up match wouldn't be very fair.  Still, Joe seemed to like the games and it was a nice way to visit, which she felt was more the purpose of her trip anyway.  One of the things that she deeply missed was her extended family.  While she was blessed that her mother and father had the ability to get her to school here in the States, she missed the comfort of her grandmothers dumplings, or tending to the small urban garden with her grandfather.  Those had been comforting rituals that were now separated by thousands of miles of Terra Firma. 


That didn't mean that she was going to devoid her life from the wisdom and company of her elders!  No, instead it meant that she just had to look around at some local Retirement Homes and ask if there were residents who didn't have family looking after them.  It was how she had met Joe at the Robin's Nest Senior Center.  He was first generation Chinese and very alone in Freedom City.  So she had taken to visiting him once a week to see how he was doing, play chess, and just talk.  The holiday's were a little bit of an exception as she wanted to help more of the residents than Joe.


["Oh!  I think you checkmated me."] she said to him in Mandarin.


He replied with a devilish smile, ["don't think I don't know you let me win.  Silly girl, I'm old enough to loose and good enough to know when someone doesn't play their best."]


She shrugged and pushed a small box across the table to him.  He raised an eyebrow and she smiled, ["open it on Christmas."]


["I don't celebrate Christmas."] he replied with an indifferent shrug.


["It's an American tradition and lots of people here will be celebrating.  Just promise me you'll open it then."] she said smiling and pushing away from the Chess board.


[Fine, I will humor you.  Thank you for visiting, it's nice to look forward too."] he replied starting to put the chess pieces away.


She switched to English, "well... I'm not quite leaving yet.  I do have some things that I wanted to do first."


With that, she walked into their recreation room.  It was nice enough, but some of the furniture had seen better days and the electronics were practically Victorian.  Thankfully... that was something she could fix.  Waving to the staff and the residents she closed the door and got to work.  Making sure that no one was watching, she started programming the nanobots and let them get to work as she dissembled the stereo to put in her proposed improvements.



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Solar Sentinel: Temporary Soup Kitchen, Liberty Park


Solar Sentinel always worked soup kitchens during the holidays. He never really had anywhere important to go, and it kept him grounded. Seeing the most vulnerable citizens of Freedom City, helping them. After all his time in space, making sure he remembered why heroes do what they do helped him a lot. When he heard about the temporary soup kitchen, he figured he could spend a few days here. In costume, no less. Usually he was just Henry the Soup Kitchen volunteer. 


"Great turnout." He said, glancing around. He had been quietly working in the back most of the time, despite his bright colored costume. Lending his muscle and reach to all sorts of tasks. Now that they were in a momentary lull, he decided to take a momentary break. 


"We're doing good work, people." he said. "Got a long night ahead of us, but it's worth it." 



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Casey just smiled and shrugged. "Well either, it's just good that you're here; I think it's important that the people of Freedom know that we do more than just beat up bad guys. There's lots of other ways we can help, too. And maybe if someone sees us doing something they can do, it might inspire them to help out as well." She flashed a bashful smile that was still as radiant as the sun. "Even if it isn't as cool as shooting lasers out of your eyes!"


When Solar Sentinel joined them, a sudden transformation came over Miracle Girl; her posture became much straighter and her demeanor a bit more subdued. 


"I didn't want to bother you when I saw you working in back, sir, but I just wanted to say what an honor it is to work with you, sir. My father told me all about your service with the Zarnashi during the war with the Makh'rell, and I just wanted to thank you for your service." 


She stood at full attention and snapped off a crisp salute (classic US Air Force, to Henry's trained eye) before assuming a breathless parade rest.

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"It would indeed be good for some to remember that we're here to help others in any way we can. Not everything needs solving by just punching."


Her beliefs taught her to try and help others less fortunate than herself and she tried her hardest in both her identity to do just that.


"I'm afraid I'm not aware of you tale Mr Sentinel if we have time maybe you would do me the honor of telling the tale?"


She'd tried to get as much information as she could of the various supers of the city, an almost impossible task with so many of them, and was always ready to gather more information if she could.

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