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Responsible Christmas Cheer!

Tiffany Korta

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With the Holidays coming around people thoughts turn to those less lucky than themselves, and superheroes are no exceptions. Not everything can be sorted by punching sometimes you need to just try and help you fellows.


This year our Christmas, and other similar holidays, thread is a little different. Rather than be set at one place you may choose to have you hero helping the less fortunate than themselves wherever you wish, just remember to do so in such a way that others can interact with your hero. Being that we might be jumping around be sure to be clear who and where your character is located, if one location gets a lot of posts we'll split it into its own thread.


And as is traditional for the Holiday themed thread you may use as many of your heroes as you wish, just please don't cluster them all in one place.


The thread is here and have, responsible, fun!

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For those that like something, more party related we also have a more joyful thread, which like above you can locate you, hero, as you wish.


As the two have no definite dates you can have your heroes be in both threads.


The thread is here, have fun!

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