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London Calling


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It says, in an elegant ink handwriting. 


"I understand you may be in some legal difficulty. Please allow me offer my services free of charge. My source informs me that your arrival is of considerable import, both the cause and solution to matters of considerable gravity. 


Of course, my source may be wrong. But I remain at your service. 


Mister Ebenezer Fiddle, Lawyer. 17 Goodge Street. 

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So for the flip, I will treat this as an area attack on the Firepool demon, and STR damage, although I will give it a +2 situational bonus on the tough save for at the end of the day it is still an insubstantial being. On the flip side, being stupid and not expecting this, I will say it cannot pass its reflex save. 


Toughness vs Earth flip: 1d20+10 24 thats a DC 32 TOughness save so bruised and dazed. 


Unfortunately flames fly every where! (see IC post!) HAVOOOC!

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Awesome sauce! Let us handwave that as blowing out the flames and bowling over as many as possible (out of danger) Are you using extra effort or HP for that?


In any case, angryfire will lash out at you in response: Lashes out at Dreadnought: 1d20+12 18 which I think hits, and is a rather weak DC 23 Toughness save (fire). This just penetrates his impervious. Technically it is lethal damage, but his immunity makes it non lethal. 

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Going to give you that shiny heropoint, fresh from the press, right back and edit the scene so when dreaddy calls on his might he'll pull out a pipe and think "what a lucky guy am i!"


Edit scene for watermain which i will then spray the offending inferno with.

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Whilst this will take longer than a round (We are moving out of strict time keeping!) I will trranslate that action to a STR based Fort attack on the fiery beast/ 


As Dreadnought is fatigued, its -1 off normal STR but still an impressive DC 26 Fort Save. As its a damage effect, the bruise still comes into play for the fire. 


Fort save vs water: 1d20+9 19


Unless you object that makes it bruised and dazed so we will move straight on with another jet stream (i.e. until it is not dazed or dead!)


vs Water 2: 1d20+8 23 which it somehow manages to do. 


The water mains run dry, but the Fire is now left with 3 bruises. It will lash out again at Dreadnought: Lashes out at Do: 1d20+12 20 which is a hit, but only a DC 23 Tough Save! Again, technically lethal damage, but becomes non-lethal due to immunity

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