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That does hit (the DC to hit him is 27) - and I'd already decided to make him a Glass Cannon. D'oh! 


Tou vs. 27: http://orokos.com/roll/571100 25! 


He is also bruised! 


Sea Devil: 

Attack vs. Naia: 

http://orokos.com/roll/571101 = 15! 


A miss. 


New round: 


Attacks Sea Devil - 15! Another miss! 




Blasts Leviathan again - this one is a Dazzle effect 

http://orokos.com/roll/571105 = DC 22 Reflex save this round vs. a visual Dazzle, then a DC 22 Fort save next round




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I'll be very surprised if I make that Reflex save.  :P


Reflex: 1d20+4 6


Yeah, that tracks.  Looks like the main effects for blindness are a Defense penalty (on top of what Leviathan already has) and a 50% miss chance, if I'm looking at the rules right.  I'll attack again with the same All-Out Attack shifts as before, which puts his Defense at a hilarious +0 with the Dazzle effect. 


Attack: 1d20+17 19 

Miss Chance: 1d100 43


Not that it matters with that Attack roll (2 2s in a row!  Jeeze...), but in this game system, is the upper 50% a hit, or the lower 50%?  Meaning, if I had rolled better for my Attack, would that 43 have hit, or missed?  Just wondering for my own games if it comes up in the future. 

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The upper, in my experience. 


Okay, Sea Devil! 


Attack vs. Naia: 

http://orokos.com/roll/572479 = 9 

Good lord, seriously? 
OK, this time I'm going to spend an HP on that. 

http://orokos.com/roll/572480 = 22


That hits! 

Aquaria inflicts a level of injured (I'm going to say that either injured or staggered counts as bloodied for the purposes of the fight) and Naia is out. 


Naia is out. 

Ikatere is up! 

He'll take advantage of this for one last hit against Leviathan and Power Attack for +2 

http://orokos.com/roll/572482 = 25! 


Ah, geez! 

Well, that's...DC 39, with the crit and Power Attack! I may have set the PLs a little foolishly for this one. Have an HP (so the worst you can get is staggered) while I sort this out. 

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Toughness: 1d20+17 36


:D  I'll take that Bruise, and then toss it away immediately on Leviathan's turn when he regenerates.  Now for the Dazzle Fortitude save.


Fortitude: 1d20+17 37


Grrrr--I really don't like wasting a 20 on that, but such is the whims of Orokos.  In any case, Leviathan will repeat the same tactic as before: full All-Out Attack shift.


Attack: 1d20+17 27


Barely!  But barely is still enough! 

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