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Room of Danger


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Just joined the site? Feeling rusty? Or just feeling the need for a quick thread? Well, allow me to assist you. Basically, this is you vs one of my builds. No big fancy plot, nothing special happening. A danger room kind of scenario. It doesn't have to be canon to your character if you don't want it to be so. My intent is to familiarize newer players with the mechanics of play, but I won't necessarily turn away an older player who's itching for the simplicity of what I'm offering. Two on two is also on the table. That's about it, honestly. For a look at what I'm talking about the first one is here and over here. Fair warning, I'm not necessarily the fastest poster in the world, and my work schedule can ruin me for posting sometimes. So if you're looking for raw speed, I'm not your man.

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Im kind of open on that front.


His powers are wonderfully diverse and his skill set ain't too shabby either.


maybe some kinda test? the guy was/is a Claremont student, i'd also not mind threading with someone else if that is the fancy of yourself and anyone whom is willing.

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If this is a mostly combat thing, I'll have Mindjumper do some swordfighting practice. Note that he is blind by complication only and his mental powers make up for it.


If it's more than that, I'd like maybe something investigative. Finding clues, talking to contacts, old school cool detective work.

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This sounds like a fun thing I could do.


I haven't yet used Nicole fully suited up in a combat thread yet, so it'd help me put it down to writing.


Perhaps something involving magic or high tech? A combat thread without where I could let go of holding back (ie. Up the collateral damage to eleven). I wouldn't mind having another PC to thread, even waiting for another one.

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@Cubismo @Zeitgeist Blue



So...olo...how do you feel about Jann fighting a dragon?



Also, general notice. I have five of these things open. Olopi would make six. That's enough, by Thor. I'll drop a post here when one of them wraps/fizzles/whatever.

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