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The End-times in Freedom City. Would anyone be interested?


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I've been reading from one of the last 3.5 ed books titled the Elder Evils and that got my head churning.

What if one of the primordial beings lost in creation arrives back/awakens into the modern world.

Stuff like strange weather and other effects herald its arrival and there are those who seek to hasten its return.

Anyone interested in something like this?

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What I was thinking is what if we could have everyone involved?

To those who have the DnD book Elder Evils, try to look up on the entry there for Leviathan. That's more or less what I plan to do with this.

So things would go something like this: Stygwyr finds a spire rising up from the middle of the ocean and learns there of the slumbering Leviathan. He goes back to Freedom City and proceeds to perform rituals/steal people/etc. to awake the elder evil. Then the heroes (or anyone else for that matter) try to stop him and halt the ceremony/ceremonies.

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You should probably try and find some way to work Adrian Eldrich into this: this is the sort of thing he specializes in. Maybe he's "hired" us to enact some crucial part of his plan to send it back.

How about if you guys were tasked by Elderich to defeat the cultists (and Stygwyr) who are trying to quicken Leviathan's awakening while he tries to slow down the process from Leviathan's side?

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