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Found 6 results

  1. It seemed there was still some measure of justice in the world, despite all evidence to the contrary in the life of one Raina Sanderson recently of Claremont Academy. Winterfold was THE underground sensation of the decade, at the least of the moment and really that mattered far more in the cutthroat world of high school. The exclusive concert experience was renowned equally for it's rumored a-list guest list as much as it was for it's unique and secretive musical stylings. In a world where every up and coming band flooded the streaming sites with samples, concert footage, and behind the scenes not so exclusives, Winterfold was an enigma, allowing no recordings, publishing only rare stills of energized crowds in packed small venue or pop up concert halls. Top celebutantes would hint at having seen a show, breathlessly describing the scene in vibrant glowing praise before obliquely adding ,"Or so the rumors go." a small nod to the secretive groups mystique. So the fact that Raina had just won an exclusive invitation for herself and a few friends was to say the least good fortune. And better than that, none of those snobs from Next-Gen had gotten anywhere near it despite best efforts of fame, wealth, or 'harmless' exploitation of powers. This was social gold for any teen. With the concert venue in riverside and her own access only revealed the day of the event she had scant time to gather her friends and soon they found themselves before the doors of the small riverside dancehall with the other elite guests. The doorman checked her against a small delightfully vintage printed list and swung the door open slowly granting them entry to a vestibule where another fit young man stood waiting to collect any and all electronic devices before they'd be granted entry.
  2. August 10th 9:12PM The Music Room at Claremont Academy. Corinne was following Winifred's advice. While it wasn't her primary passion, it was something else she could do to vent, and maybe make some connections that weren't on shared experience of powers, and teenage trauma. She was an okay drummer, given that she needed to keep so this was more for fun than anything else. Fortunately there was a drum kit here, where she could cut loose. Fortunately, she could play enthusiastically and not have to be something out of Whiplash, or something like that, as she was largely self taught, still 'I Want You to Want Me,' was fun and engaging enough for her to start on before she tried more complicated, or challenging options. She had big headphones on playing the song she wants , and a sleeveless t-shirt for the band Red Fang, a pair of denim capris, and navy blue dock shoes. Her head bobbing along with the beat. Unlike her other pursuits this was just fun. And she needed it.
  3. August 6th, Claremont Campus. Afternoon-ish, and the day after. Yesterday had been innocuous enough. Until Bombastic had picked a fight with Corinne over her 'cold shouldering.' Well, it wasn't a fight. She had not been overly aggressive, but he had asked for it. Fortunately while out of sight from the Next Gen, as she was still summer schooling it. But... Zenith had to spend time in the containment units, until she was... calm. As Corinne she was... upset. Though she avoided Bombastic, so she wouldn't change in a fit of pique. She buried herself in stuff, practicing with drumming, some schoolwork. Then, finally just the gym. Dancing and gymnastics. It was like meditation for her. A place to go, something to submerge herself in. Which she did, in a manner that could be considered ferociously, until she was sweaty, and a bit tired, and going through additional stretched, if not to cool down, but rather to ready herself for round two. Dressed in just a pair of shorts, and an athletic top, with toe shoes, and her hands and fingers taped up for her to do what she felt was needed. Corinne was in the splits pose, her torso twisted and stretched out along, her hands gripping at the sole, with her face pressed her knee.
  4. May 24th. 3:30PM Claremont Gymnasium She had moved her things in, she had a lot of things, but she had paired down to what she would need for the upcoming summer. And Percival. Who was essential, and adorable. The she'd be getting after she found one. It was awkward. Hannah got to meet Corinne's folks, and brother. Who were lovely people, though her brother was exactly the younger 12-year old bro one would imagine him to be. Once it was all sorted, and her folks were gone after taking both girls out to what was mucho, mucho Thai food, Corinne announced, in their room, she needed to go to the gym and work out, and she invited Hannah along so that she could get some limbering and practice in. This was of course meaning she was wearing one of the gymnast long sleeved leotards that hid nothing, dark blue with red-orange trim and matching stylized lightning bolt with a lighter blue underscore. She threw a towel around her shoulders, and a pair of white ankle high Converses before she dragged along the other girl to the Gym. "I got to loosen up, and so do you. And don't worry, you've got a better build than I do. I'm like... seventy maybe ninety-six percent leg, and that causes so many problems, like it took be years to get basic tumbles right. Pizza, or milkshakes will be our reward! Or both!" Of course she had performed an impromptu Gene Kelly-esque routine between the dorms and this building, so how much needed to stretch and limber up may be a bit of a lie. Still once there, the tall blonde immediately set about working through some basic yoga poses and others, after her shoes were shucked and she was on the mat.
  5. June 20th, 2017 Claremont Corinne was dancing in the main quad. Not just lightly, mind you. It was a full routine, as she practiced unconcerned about how she might look. Wearing sport earbuds, she closed the world down to just her and what she was doing. Wearing a pair of retro sneakers, with high ankles, a patterned white and blue pair of harem pants, and a patterned t-shirt that matched the pants. She was not a delicate type of person, so her dancing reflected that. Corinne felt she wasn't as good at precise, technical dancing. She also believed what a lot had told her regarding her size hindering her. So she tried hard. Harder than anyone else. She was a perfectionist, and held herself to an ideal, a pinnacle that she might not be able to reach, or, if she did, maintain. But what she believed, and what the realities were divergent. Corinne Conrad was one of the best dancers in her prior school, She showed that now. Her leaps, the arching of her body straddling the line of violent and precise. She was not aware of having a visitor. Or that somewhere in the middle of what she was doing, practicing and working through a routine she hoped to earn her spot in Julliard with, that somewhere in the middle she started to use powers to move on air.
  6. August 14, 5:46 PM Main Quad, Claremont Academy The boy, sitting on the dorm's roof, looked below, watching his peers: some were walking around normally, others where using more... peculiar means of movement. A lot of them tough, were wearing the blue and gold colored school uniform, like Eli himself was. "I still can't get used to this bright uniform, it's so... four color..." said the pale, lanky Erebo looking at it. Part of him liked it, but something about his mind wasn't right since the accident, and he knew it. He hoped it was just his imagination, and not the dark energies infecting his thoughts... he had heard so many terrifying things about the place where he got his powers from since he came to that world. "This is so unbelievable" he sighed full of incredulity. He could not believe that just a few days before he was stuck between a family that hated him for his passions and a world that hated him for his family. No, no more, he said shaking his head to clear it: it was time to be a hero now, this power wasn't a curse, it was an immense gift, one Grazia made sure her little brother could receive in spite of everything. That did not mean he did not have to be weary of what his power could do to him tough. With a thought, his body was covered by the blackest shadows one could imagine, shaped roughly like his favorite turtleneck'd casual attire, and a pair of large, crow-like wings sprouted from his back, carrying him to the campus grounds below and then folding back into nothingness. What a time to be alive...
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