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Found 1 result

  1. So with Black Panther out and in theatres there might be some interest in our own little corner of African supersecretsuperpower. And not JUST because I wanna make a Dakanan I thought we might start to make sure we have a vision of hte state of Dakana and it's interactions with the rest of the world, timeline, how much 3E Dakana we want to incorporate. So without further ado: What have people done so far with it in site canon so we can make sure that doesn't get trampled on? I have 'Doctor Daka' as a member of hte Jungle patrol and ally of Johnny Danger. Between the two of them they brokered a deal for Danger International to work with the Dakanan Government for trade, etc. Never made it explicit how open this made Dakana but it is a line there for potential PC interactions. What is the internal dynamics of Dakana, who is the current White Lion? 3E in it's general cycle and update of canon PC's had M'balla replaced by his daughter Tefiri I think. THis would make the current White Lion a young woman and an NPC (Probably). Do we want to maintain that or keep the mantle open for a potential PC and have M'balla remain the current White Lion but an aging one. What is the internal political structure of Dakana? Are they an alliance of tribes like Wakanda or a singular entity, I don't believe it is explicit in the books anywhere so we can pick what works best for our set up. How open is Dakana? What is known about it? From my reading Dakana is not as closed off as Wakanda and it is known they have high tech and Daka Crystals. But are they openly trading? Limited trading brokered through Danger International or Other Governments? How does tourism, security, aid to the rest of Africa work with Dakana right there? How has Dakana's presence and power in central Africa affected the political and economic situation of the continent as a whole? Have they halted the bloodier civil wars and ethnic cleansings before they happened do they provide aid? take in refugees? Thoughts welcome!
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