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Found 2 results

  1. Ozob

    The Charlston

    Johnny stood outside the door leading into the small apartment in little India on Freedom's West Side. For a moment, he hesitated, debating on whether to knock or not. Stalling, he checked over his clothes, a nice lightweight beige slacks and a white cotton button down shirt which hung nicely off his broad athletic shoulders, and decided again for the thousandth time that they would have to do. Which left him staring at the door in front of him. Inside, he hoped, was the girl he had met at the Renascence fair. Who, beyond being very pleasant company for the afternoon, also seemed to do just fine while tangling with dragons. He still was stunned and surprised at how that had all turned out. Which led to him being here, on a Friday afternoon, at the door of a girl he had only met once and only had walked around the fair with. "Well she did offer to teach you the Charleston..." he said quietly to himself. If she was in, and if she hadn't been kidding, he had found a band that could play all sorts of swing pieces. That coincided with a dance hall which didn't mind renting the space for a few hours as long as they could have some of their own students practicing as well. Perhaps it was a little forward, but it had taken a fair amount of work to find Lucy and her small apartment, so he figured why not? Searching archives of the city's papers as well as some internet work had uncovered scant little information on her. Although it narrowed down the areas she seemed to work in. Her home had been harder to find and required both some deduction as well as asking a lot of people in the area if they had seen a "pale, elegant, woman perhaps in her 20's". It had taken a couple of days and some greased palms, but he had a place and here he was. The moment of indecision passed, and he knocked on the door hoping there would be an answer.
  2. GM September 7th, 2011 The sun had not yet crested over the trees around the clearing, the smell of jerky and mead still tried to crest over the smell of unwashed bodies. Even though it was only 10am there are many people present. Tents, booths and lean-to's line the makeshift corridors at the Freedom City Renaissance Fair. Some of them selling items, others with small games of skill. In the center is a large competition ring where jousting, archery and other medieval events will take place over the course of the day. Performers dressed in medieval garb weaving their way through the 'streets' proclaiming their thee's and thou's. Overall it was shaping up to be a wonderful day at the fair!
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