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Found 8 results

  1. OOC thread for Phantasmagore appears threatening Farside City, and there's a band of heroes ready to take him down!
  2. GM April 1st, 2013. 11.45 AM Bridge of the Grievance Heart, In orbit of the Far Side of the Moon The red-skinned creature in the squat chair was thin and almost overcome by the folds, swaths and shadows of its voluminous red/black cloak and long green robe. Lean as a rail and with a narrow face drawn tight over its malleable skull supported by a hand cushioned with a supple black glove, two green eyes blazing luminously. The room about ihm was dark and cold, ancient metal supporting a myriad of viewscreens that droned out endless reports in languages even older. The lights scattered around the floor and ceiling burned with a crystalline blue, giving the place a mysterious cast that Phantasmagore, Grue Arcane and master wizard, liked immensely. He stared at the viewscreen directly before the chair once held by some forgotten child of the stars, gazing thoughtfully at the warm blue and green and brown circle shining in the distance, and from it to the gray fields of rock and dust of the satellite kilometers away, from them to the glittering city of spires in the smooth crater. 'No reason to overplay myself' the Grue thought placidly, tapping a nearby button that sent a roar of power into the engines of the Grievance Heart, one-time superweapon of the Lor Imperial Armada, and propelled the enormous angular craft serenely towards Farside City! One hour later... "Attention, people of Earth!" thundered the voice from every loudspeaker in Freedom City, as the unmistakable face of a Grue appeared on every screen. Glaring out at his audience, Phantasmagore stood in the middle of a mystic light show, rearing up to his full height as the wizard's robe swirled in a mysterious breeze. Pointing a hand at the screen, the alien mage declared "I have the city on the Moon in the sights of hundred-kiloton cannons, a full plasma battery and a planet-cracking beam. I dare you to stop me before I reduce your precious satellite to a cloud of dust! And by the way..." an ironic smile appeared smoothly as his face grew a mouth "If I detect anyone from the Freedom League, I will not hesitate to take action. The very best of luck to you!" With a faint electronic whine, the signal hijacking ceased and his image vanished. Approximately ten minutes and an emergency conference later, the Freedom League had sent out a quick series of coded messages to AEGIS headquarters and Director Harry Powers, a dispatch to the star galleon Ages Lost, Johnny Rocket raced to the door of Henry Mason, and Jennifer Fray at FLSCH(Freedom League Special Circumstances Housing) received a very terse call. All of them were directed to the same point, almost 20,000 feet above the city and directly above Freedom Hall..
  3. May 2012 Steve Murdock had never gotten a driver's license. It wasn't necessary for him; he preferred to walk and lived in a city with good public transit. So instead Roger Wheeler, the computer science teacher at the Nicholson School, was driving the minivan while Murdock himself sat in the shotgun seat. To the rear were the four children he, Miss Americana, and Dragonfly had rescued from the Moon nearly a year ago now: Pluto, who was thirteen, Mars and Venus, a boy and girl eerily alike and probably about twelve, and Demeter, the youngest of them at ten. Their long stay in Antarctica over, with the League sure they wouldn't they would all start at the Nicholson School over the summer, letting them settle in to what an Earth school was like before they would be among people who would fear and hate them for what they'd once been. The marks of Omega were clear on all the children with just a look, their cybernetic alterations deep enough that even Miss Americana had hesitated to remove them. She'd found enough booby traps in Harrier's systems that there was no knowing what lay beneath these half-assimilated drones. Demeter's eyes glowed red like LED lights while her voice was obviously synthetic, the Mars and Venus's innate subspace link meant they often spoke in unison, while Pluto's cybernetic arm, looking precisely like an Omegadrone's, were the most obvious. They were more like regular children than the victims of horror they'd once been, looking around and peering out the windows for the man their teacher had told them to look for, but Harrier could still see the memories of pain and solitude about them. Even in a group, these children were alone. None of them had said a word since they'd gotten in the car. Once they reached the base parking lot, Steve led the four kids, and their future teacher, through security. Roger was mostly taking the kids' measure today, supporting their usual authority figure rather than trying to replace him. "We should see Victory soon," he told them with as much warmth as his own dry voice could muster. "He will be here for us." Victory was the most cybernetically altered human being Steve had met on this Earth: the human pilot, with his popular acclaim, was the best example he could think of to show the kids that they could be successful here. However they looked, and whatever had happened to them.
  4. September 20, 2011 The Lab With the Gorgon's announcement, it became transparently obvious to everyone at the Lab that their time was up. They had to get a team out to the Gorgon now and throw mortal science in the face of the all-conquering space god in order to save all of humanity from the threat in the sky. And so it was that, mere hours after the Gorgon's announcement, the Lab crew was working feverishly on their planned insertion into Gorgon space in order to gather the sample nanite packages that just might give them the information they needed to bring down the mighty Gorgon once and for all. Of course, since she had turned out to be an body with the dimensions of the Earth itself, now cleaving her way through the Kuiper Belt on a course directly for Earth. She was 40 astronomical units away, having appeared in the middle of the belt thanks to her gravitic warp, and would be close enough to Earth to begin its conquest in just seven days.
  5. September 20-27, 2011 The Lab: Torque, Supercape, Gossamer, Ironclad, Dragonfly, and Protectron solve the problem at its source
  6. December 23, 2010 It's a cold and dreary day in late December, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere where most people live. It's no better in Freedom City, where a heavy snowfall last night has transformed into dirty ice and slush by the unaesthetic mechanics of life in a major urban area. It's a good day to be inside with a strong cup of hot cocoa or eggnog, letting ceremonial libations shake away the incipient holiday blues. Luckily this is generally a quiet time for superheroes: most supercriminals are people too, and even the ones without Christmas cheer have been socked away at home thanks to the lousy weather. You need a good reason to be out tonight, whether it's carrying out the duties of a government agent's patrol, hunting for last-minute Christmas presents, or else dealing with problems that have nothing to do with the season. - "Growing tired of these lies," said Avenger, leering malevolently down at the snitch he'd cornered in the Fens back alley. There were new heroes active in the Fens, he knew, but these were _his_ streets, and he was possessive enough, and secretive enough, that he preferred to keep his own council even when dealing with notorious criminals. "Christmas will be difficult in prison. Worse in prison hospital." He grabbed the frightened man by the collar and jacked him up against the wall with one hand, a murderous look in his eyes. "Where's the shipment?" "Oh God, don't hurt me, please!" Mondale Tommahan whimpered, still wearing the shattered sunglasses that Avenger had broken on his face and then neatly put back there after dragging him away for interrogation. He'd heard all about the notorious vigilante, about his brutality and uncompromising violence, and watching him tear through his friends in the Irish mob in their favorite bar that evening had certainly put the fear of Avenger into him. "Look, the X-Ray stuff was just a joke, man? What kind of scuzzball would take naked pictures of Lady Liberty-" "A SCUZZBALL LIKE YOU!" Damn, Jack loved the look in their eye when he _yelled_. "Already know you inside. Time to show you!" He went for the machete on the wall, the one that usually had them wetting themselves before his hands were on the blade, but his nighttime exertions were suddenly interrupted as a brilliant white light shone on the wall in a pattern of brilliant hexagons!
  7. December 12, 2010 The Iceberg, Beneath Freedom City Federal Building, Early Morning: "Lieutenant Factor reporting, sir!" Victory, already in his harness and dressed in his AEGIS standard uniform, saluted his superior. It was time for the morning Briefing before he goes out on patrol. He waited, his salute frozen on his body, until the officer gives him the word. Even then, Lieutenant Factor kept straight up, holding his hands behind his back in standard fashion. He stood very still, something made far easier by the fact that he can simply lock his joints into place, other than his right arm and neck. As he received his briefing, Lieutenant Factor kept full attention, answering briefly, only when he was asked questions directly. The briefing was rather short this morning, and when it was over, Lieutenant Factor saluted again, and turned on his foot and exited the room. As soon as he was out of the door, he removed his hat, and began to unbutton the top of his uniform, heading towards his special changing room.... Downtown Freedom City, 11:00 am "Thank you, mister!" The little girl was glad to be back with her family once again, and gave her silver savior a big hug around the neck. victory, a smile on his face, gave her a pat on her back as she hugged him. When she pulls away, he holds up his hand, and, from a small compartment in his wrist, a lolipop springs up, and his fingers catch it. "Not a problem! You were very brave." Handing her the lolipop, the girl happily takes it, as Victory stands up straight, the soot from the fire falling off his body. As the girl ran over to see her family, her grand father approached him. "Thank you so much for saving my granddaughter, Victory! We didn't think she was going to get out in time..." With his big, heroic smile on his face, Victory carefully pats the old man on the shoulder with his right hand. "All part of my job, sir." With a nod, he turns and gets ready to take off, when he's stopped by a news camera. "Victory! Victory! Can we get a word?" He stops right before take-off, his engines cooling back down. Turning, he puts on his "hero-pose", with his fists against his hips, keeping his elbows wide. "Of course! Only for a moment, though. I must be getting back to my patrol." "Of course. What do you think about the city's latest...." Riverside, 10:00 PM "Split up and stay low! he can't get a-AUGH!" The burglar's escape was cut off by a blinding light blasting in front of his face. In the darkness, their pursuer's lights seemed ominous, almost unnatural. The light gleaming from Victory's visor practically bore a hole through the criminal, who was all but paralyzed in fear. "Drop your weapons and surrender yourselves. Now." The man who got caught right in front didn't seem to be able to figure out what to do. And for that matter, neither did his cohorts behind him. Thinking that they may have a chance to escape, they immediately take off in different directions,heading down the various adjacent alleys. As soon as they do, the one unlucky enough to be right in front of the flying officer unloaded his pistol, screaming. The bullets bounce off harmlessly, and he's barely able to get more than two off before the pistol, and indeed his entire hand, is caught in a crushing metal grip. He didn't have to feel it for very long, though, before a sudden strike against his skull turns his entire world dark. His partners wouldn't fare much better, as they'd find themselves swiftly hunted and brought down. The Iceberg, 12:30 AM, December 13 The whirring and pistoning of the machine finally ends, as Victory's apparatus finishes disconnecting from the rest of his body. Sore, but released from the machine after a 30-minute process, Lance grabbed a hold of the strap dangling above his head. "Alright, sir, you're clear." "Thanks." Hoisting his body up, Lance shifted himself over, landing in the pants suspended up for him to lower in to, and on to his motorized wheelchair right after. Settled in, Lance let out a sigh, and turned the stick mounted into his arm rest to face his mechanic. "Take good care of 'er, Johnson." "Yes, Lieutenant." Lance gives the man a salute, and started his way out the door and back to his bunk. He stopped for a moment, and turned his head to look back at the mechanic. "By the way, will you be at the Holiday party?" "Afraid not, sir. I've already got plans with my family that day." "Ah. Oh well, then. Make sure to enjoy yourself." "Of course, sir. See you tomorrow." One final salute between the two, and Lance makes his way back to his room. He was able to keep a private one, unlike most of the others who have to stay on-base. Moving his chair up to the bunk, he hefts his body up with one hand, swinging on to the bed. Bringing the covers up, Lance sighs, and shakes his head. "Just another day...." he flicked off the lights, and closed his eyes for a well-earned rest.
  8. October 31st, 2010, late afternoon. Riverside Park Fire in the Sky “My superiors and I appreciate you all allowing me to accompany you all. It’s a real honor just being in the presence of even one of you. Let alone the entire League!†Victory floats above the ground, his jets mostly aimed towards the ground, with just a couple on the back of his shoulders slowly moving him forward, a smile on his face. Alongside him in the sky, a familiar figure, of similar colors to Victory, smiles and shakes his head. “Now, no need to be so humble. We’re willing to accept the extra hand. But next time, make sure your superiors let us know earlier.†A few hours before, Freedom Hall: “So wait…you’re telling me Director Powers sent you here…on a hunch?†Bowman was adjusting the fletching on his arrows, looking up to give their visitor a doubtful look. “Well, I don’t totally understand it, myself. But those are my orders. With all the craziness that’s been going on this month, the higher-ups at AEGIS thought it was important to pool our resources, just in case. Something big’s going down, and we just want to be sure that all bases are covered.†Victory, for his part, was doing his best to sound professional, but it was pretty tough to maintain that front when he’s in the presence of the Freedom League, of all people! …Although their skepticism is making it much easier to keep calm. As he awaits their response, they exchange looks among each other, as if silently asking each other what they think. But before they all seem to come to a consensus, Daedalus steps forward, with a smile on his face. “Well, I for one think we could use the extra hand, all things considered. Unless anyone else has a good reason not to accept?†None of them seem to have any direct objection, so it seems they’re agreed…. Present, The Freedom League and their guest begin to slow their collective movement as they begin to approach the Centurion’s Memorial. An odd place to be led when there are other places already in trouble, but they were assured that they were needed here. Victory, not having any personal experience with any of them, finds it even harder to believe, and he stays on guard as they begin to fly down to the ground. They had been following a lead that Daedalus has gotten. Something about the source of all the strange supernatural goings-on this month. According to his information, there had been a weakening in the barrier between the world of the physical and mystical. And the source of that weakening was where they were headed. But, as they began to land, Victory noticed something odd. With all his various methods of sight and detection, there was no sign of anything out of the ordinary, energy-wise. He remained cautious, not sure what was going to happen here. “Alright, Daedalus,†Captain Thunder asks, “where’s this anomaly you were speaking of?†The rest of the members of the League seem to be wondering that as well, as none of them seem to notice anything out of the ordinary. “We’ll be able to see it in just a moment…I have to prepare a few things first…†As he speaks, Daedalus begins to walk over to the foot of the statue itself. Victory, for his part, stays quiet, but that weird feeling just won’t be shaken. Keeping all his various sight methods cycling, he notices something…a bit odd. Looking over to Daedalus, his infravision seems to be picking up an odd build-up of heat growing from inside. Much higher than any human should without any corresponding power. Keeping his eye on him, Daedalus continues. “There we go…this should do it…†As he speaks, Daedalus looks to be messing with a device in his hands, with his back turned to the League. With a grin on his face, he turns to face them, his eyes having suddenly switched to a glowing red. His eyes catching on to it, Victory looks again, to see the heat having built inside to incredible levels! Now he knows why he had such a bad feeling: “EVERYONE DOWN!†Turning to Johnny Rocket, he makes a quick decision. “JOHNNY! FOLLOW MY LEAD!†Not quite sure what he means, but ready for action all the same, Johnny watches as Victory blasts forth, spinning in circles, just in time to see Daedalus explode! And a hell of an explosion at that, as the entire sky seems to light up. But Johnny thinks fast, and knew what Victory meant, as he joins Victory in spinning around the detonating figure. As Johnny goes around the base, Victory circles up and up, the two of them creating a powerful vacuum, funneling the explosion up into the air, trapping it and directing it away from the League and the Centurion’s statue. Heading higher and higher, Victory’s cyclone brings the swirling flame far, far above the clouds, his speed pushing well over even his normal limits. As he moves, the flames smash against him now and then, causing some nasty damage against his armor, but he keeps on, until he finally funnels it all up out of the atmosphere. One it was gone, he and Johnny slow to a stop. Victory, worn from both the speed and the constant assault the explosion hit him with, floats in the air for a moment, panting and charred, but with a smile on his face. And then he begins to fall… Tumbling back down to Earth, it seems like it will be quite an impact, surely enough to do even him in. But he’s okay with it. Give his life to save Earth’s greatest heroes? Good trade… As the darkness over his eyes lifts, Victory finds himself back at a familiar lab, as pain shoots through him. Did I survive, he wonders. As his eyes open, he looks about, seeing the people who work on him all smiling, relieved to see him come to. At his side, one of the technicians carefully lays a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, V! Welcome back. We were worried about ya. You really pushed that body of yours there.†Victory smiles, shrugging lightly. “Well, I knew you guys built me up strong enough to handle it. Was everyone else okay?†“Yup! And they said to feel free to ask them for help any time. They said it’s the least they could do.†Victory laughs, and lays back down. “Thank God. Although….†If that Daedalus was just a bomb…where was the real one…?
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