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Found 1 result

  1. HGM

    First Contact

    GM The Island of Valaxa Indian Ocean Saturday, August 16, 2014 4:27 PM Thirty years ago the island of Valaxa was discovered by an Indian fishing ship. Since then researchers have made various attempts at attempting to bridge a relationship with the local population to no avail. The presence of outsiders has been met with violent resistance. The Valaxans have even managed to sink entire ships to make their message clear. With ritualistic dancing and whooping afterwards in open celebration. Earlier this morning to avoid an incoming storm a commercial plane took an alternate route flying over the island. A local Valaxan actually flew off the island and smashed a wing wholesale. Sending the plane crashing down below. It wasn't long before local air authority lost contact with the plane. And an emergency scramble quickly took place. When a local expedition team was led to try and recover the plane they too were met with resistance. The timely arrival of the heroine known as Triakosia prevented the second plane from being shot down. In the process she managed to capture a Valaxan and both parties were able to reach a consensus and arrange a sit down meeting. Shortly afterwards the Freedom League was contacted and agreed to send in two representatives to help smooth things over all the easier. Currently, the trio of Gabriel, Triakosia, and Velocity were on a Freedom League Pegasus jet with a group of sociologists who had been preparing them for their upcoming meeting. All waiting for the signal that it was okay for outsiders to land on the island for the first time in its known history.
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