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Found 7 results

  1. GM Lakeside, Emerald City 3PM, May 11th 2020 Lakeside was normally peaceful. No Takazumi-gumi or Malakov Mafiya, it was not the place where one would expect much trouble. Especially not on a day where the rain was simply pouring down. All day long, the rain had been falling. And yet, trouble was afoot. A monster was running rampant through the streets of Lakeside! A great beast had caused trouble, assaulting an innocent man, and now, Ultio Suit Users were coming in from all over town, flying, running and leaping through the streets. Of course, not was all as it seemed. The monster was merely a dream, and the Dreamer had just tried to stop a purse snatcher, but now, all these would-be heroes were coming for her. But perhaps one among them would see things different? Perhaps it would take an Ultra Girl to help a Dreamer?
  2. ooc for this. @Kaede Kimura @Cubismo Let's start off with a post from Kaede to set up what the Dreamer and Carnifex is up to, now that they've stopped the purse snatcher and there's Ultio Suits coming in to chase them!
  3. GM 2PM, March 21st, 2020 The Riverfront, Emerald City Since the meeting of heroes at the noodle place in Betlehem Heights, Waverider and the mighty Metanaut had volounteered to try and get their hands on an Ultio Suit system. Find a rich kid with a suit, convince him to hand it over, work their charms a little bit maybe, or, well, however else they could do it. A week or so later, they had found someone. A guy named Elliot Elijah Elder, his dad was rich, his mom was on the city council, he attended a fancy private school, so of course his mom had bought him an Ultio Suit. He hadn't really used it a lot, but Metanaut had caught him going into the suit to catch a purse snatcher, then out again, even if he had seemed kind of bored. Now, Elliot was sitting by the waterfront at the Riverfront, just looking out at the water. All alone, away from his school. Probably the best time to strike up a friendly or not so friendly conversation.
  4. Ari

    Mars Ultor(OOC)

    OOC thread for this thread. Supersuits as a Service. @RocketLord
  5. GM January 25th, Saturday, 2020, 11.55PM Outside Emerald Tower, downtown Emerald City, OR The last lingering, heartrending notes pierced the chill night air, and UK's violin went silent. For a moment, all around Robin was an almost sacred hush as the renowned string virtuoso stood to take a bow. In the glare of red lamps that had filled the night sky, held in place by repulsor bands that turned clouds of countless paper shells into magnetically-unified pieces of airborne art, Robin saw K looking almost uneasy at the awestruck hush. Above and about flitted the newsdrones, covering the MarsTech New Years bash while other electric eyes took in events unfolding across the Emeralds. Of all the crowds, though, this was going to be the biggest. There were familiar faces in the crowd, not like looming Chung was ever going to miss a chance to carry his "THE END IS NOW" signs where a camera was going to be, but on nights like this the comforting seas of familiarity was upset with crosswinds of newcomers, people who'd look at you funny and hurry on if you asked them how they werre doing. In that moment, though, all were united, Munchkin and outsider alike, by that same thrill through every heart. To make a sound would have been blasphemous. Max Mars broke the spell, jumping out of the audience and onto the stage beside K with a single bound, applauding furiously with giant grin on his face. "Yue Kei, everybody! All you shapes and flavours out there, give her a big 'welcome home' hand!" With admirable obedience the Emerald citizens cheered, the cold winter air blasted with steam from thousands of throats. In the heated shelter UK started, laughed despite herself, and bowed in rapid succession to different areas of the crowd. Max grinned like an indulgent father. Switching off his mic, he and UK exchanged a word, the young woman nodding and beginning to clear up her music and put back her instruments. As she did so, Mars went on blithely. "Nicely done! now, Kei has to leave us for the night, but stick around! Because on the stroke of midnight, as we enter a new year, I've got a little surprise for you...well, two surprises, but you'll see! Now, may I have a volunteer from the audience?" His brilliant green eyes scanning the crowd suddenly locked on Robin's. "Well hey-hey, Rob! Glad to see you could make it to another of my little shindigs! Like to come up?" he looked deeply chagrined as he added "I promise, no giant robots this time!"
  6. Ultio Suit User NOTE: Ultio Suit Users can posses a multitude of different powers, skills and feats aside from the ones listed here, depending on what upgrades they have purchased. The ones listed here represent a basic user with no upgrades, and no special skills on their own. Individual Ultio Suit Users can posses vastly different powers and can be at higher power levels than what is listed here. Power Level: 6 (77/77PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Wannabe super heroes all hooked up with the latest MarsTech Ultio Suit. Alternate Identity: Varies Birthplace: Varies Residence: Emerald City Occupation: Varies Affiliations: MarsTech Family: Varies Description: The basic Ultio Suit is a simple full body costume in a light grey color, with a thick dark grey stripe running down the chest to the belt. The dark grey stripe is flanked by thin white stripes on each sides, separating it from the light grey of the costume. The belt is white, with a round, dark grey belt buckle, two pieces that connect to form the circle. The suit has dark grey boots with white soles and trim, with a square shape on the outside of the leg, a bit higher than the rest of the boot. The costume has a similar design on the dark grey right arm, though the square is on the inside of the arm, just under the arm pit. This darker grey sleeve has white trim separating it from the lighter grey of the main costume, like the boots and central stripe. The costume is completed with a light grey helmet, which leaves the user's face exposed. A black pair of goggles protects the user's eyes and can act as correctional lenses, as well as an advanced heads up display, perfect for interacting with various offers from MarsTech and feed the wearer a steady stream of information from the MarsTech TroubAlert. Users that perform heroic deeds and score Hero Points can use said Hero Points for both power enhancements and cosmetics, including different colors, alternate designs, capes and more. History: First revealed in late January 2020, the MarsTech Ultio Suits are Maximillian Mars' attempt to create an entirely new business model that he has dubbed SaaS: Superheroes as a Service. Using technology created by Max Mars himself and MarsTech employees, the Ultio Suits lets anyone become an instant super hero! Coupled with the MarsTech TroubAlert, Ultio Suit Users will be alerted of many situations that might require their attention, making Emerald City safer than ever before! Now, would-be heroes and celebrities all across Emerald City can respond to the call of heroism! When the MarsTech TroubAlert alerts the Ultio Suit Users of trouble, they can immediatelly suit up and rush off to save the day, all courtesy of the power granted to them by Max Mars and MarsTech! Of course, there's some so-called heroes that might try and interfere with the TroubAlert ratings, taking valuable Hero Points from the heroes in the Ultio Suits, but they will just have to learn to take a step back, and let the future of super heroes take the spotlight! Personality & Motivation: Varies, depending on the individual. In general, Ultio Suit Users tend to be well meaning, but inexperienced. They will prioritize their actions based on the MarsTech TroubAlert, often focusing on capturing or otherwise stopping a villain above rescuing civillians or preventing collateral damage. Due to the competitive nature of the Ultio System, Ultio Suit Users will rarely support each other, and might actually hinder each other to be the one to score most points. A great number of Ultio Suit Users are would-be celebrities, prioritizing getting famous over being heroes. Of course, as anyone can wear an Ultio Suit, the given personality traits might or might not appear in any given Ultio Suit User. Powers & Tactics: The power of all Ultio Suit Users come directly from their armor, which is stored in their Ultio Belt when not active. The armor offers enhanced strength, durability, speed and reflexes, as well as enhanced vision through a built in H.U.D., which also offers a direct connection to the MarsTech TroubAlert. Additionally, each user picks a starter pack upon purchase, which offers their own specialized powers. Their choices are: Aqua Pack: Increased swimming speed, resistance to pressure and cold, oxygen tank that prevents drowning. Blaster Pack: Low power, but accurate, laser blasts. Flight Pack: A jetpack and enhanced super-strength, including the ability to create shockwaves. Stealth Pack: Built in stealth field, which offers visual and auditory blocking for the user. Grip claws that allow wall-crawling, and an assortment of smoke bombs. Tank Pack: Increased armor and defences, strong enough to completely block most assault rifles. In general, the tactics of the Ultio Suit Users is based on the scores offered through the MarsTech TroubAlert. If defeating an enemy nets a higher score, then the users will attack that enemy, using whatever abilities they have. Most users tend to favor brute force over strategy, though that might differ depending on what powers they posses. The Ultio Suit Users will rarely cooperate with either each other or other heroes, over fear of losing out on Hero Points. Power Descriptions: All of the Ultio Suit's powers are technological in nature, using various equipment created either by Max Mars directly, or by any number of employees at MarsTech. When note in use, the Ultio Suit is stored in the Ultio Belt. With the press of a single button, the suit unfolds, rapidly building up to cover the user's body. Some users tend to strike various poses while this happen. The basic nature of the suit is a general strength, durability, speed and reflex enhancement, empowering the user to super human levels, all afforded through various motors, computer power and targeting systems. The suit connects directly to the MarsTech TroubAlert system, which guides the user to trouble spots, ranks their heroics and otherwise functions as a store front to purchase enhancements. While the Ultio Suits come with a standard powerset and a choice of 5 different starter packs, the user can enhance and expand their power suite by spending money or Hero Points, earned by performing heroics and other activites as rated by the MarsTech TroubAlert. When a user purchase an enhancement or new power, the suit's new ability is unlocked instantly. Abilities: 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Strength: 10 (+0) / 22 (+6) Dexterity: 10 (+0) / 20 (+5) Constitution: 10 (+0) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 0 + 0 = 0PP Initiative: +0 / +5 (+5 Enh. Dex) Attack: +0 Base / +6 Enhanced Base (+6 Enh. Attack Bonus) Defense: +0 Base, +0 Flat-Footed / +6 Enhanced Base (+6 Enh. Defense), +3 Enhanced Flat-Footed Grapple: +0 / +13 (+6 Enh. Attack, +6 Enh. Str, +1 Super-Strength) / +14 (+6 Enh. Attack, +6 Enh. Str, +2 Super-Strength) Knockback: -0 / -3 (TOU +6/2) Saving Throws: 4 + 2 + 4 = 10PP Toughness: +0 (+0 Con) / +6 (+6 Protection) Fortitude: +4 (+0 Con, +4) Reflex: +2 (+0 Dex, +2) / +7 (+5 Enh. Dex, +2) Will: +4 (+0 Wis, +4) Skills: 28R = 7PP Knowledge [Current Events] 2 (+2) Knowledge [Popular Culture] 2 (+2) Notice 4 (+4) Search 4 (+4) Sense Motive 4 (+4) 8PP worth of other skills Feats: 1PP Benefit 1 [Ultio Suit User - MarsTech customer] Enhanced Feats: Quick Change Powers: 64 = 64PP Device 16 ("MarsTech Ultio SuitTM"; 80PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [64PP] (Technology, Armor, MarsTech) Communication 6 ("MarsTech TroubAlert"; Wireless Communications, Radio; Flaws: Limited [Only MarsTech TroubAlert]) (20 miles radius) [3PP] (Radio Communications, MarsTech TroubAlert, Information Source) Enhanced Dexterity 10 [10PP] (Computer Enhanced Reflexes and Dexterity) Enhanced Feat 1 (Quick Change) [1PP] (Collapsible Armor) Enhanced Strength 12 [12PP] (Enhanced Musculature) Enhanced Trait 12 (Attack Bonus +6) [12PP] (Computer Guided Targeting System, Computer Enhanced Reflexes, Software) Enhanced Trait 12 (Defense Bonus +6) [12PP] (Computer Assisted Defensive System, Computer Enhanced Reflexes, Software) Leaping 3 (Leaping Distance x10; Running: 160 ft.) [3PP] (Enhanced Musculature) Protection 6 [6PP] (Armored suit) Speed 3 (50mph, 440 ft./round) [3PP] (Enhanced Musculature) Super-Senses 1 ("H.U.D."; Visual [Sense Type: Visual; Default Extras: Accurate, Acute, Ranged; Extras: Analytical]) [1PP] (H.U.D. Display, Visual Zoom, Visual Analysis, Software) Super-Strength 1 (Effective Strength +5; Heavy load: 1,000 lbs.) [2PP] (Armored suit, Enhanced Musculature) 1 of 5 Starter packs at 11PP Aqua Pack Swimming 6 (Feats: Environmental Adaption [Aquatic]) (Swim speed: 100MPH, 880 ft./rnd) [7PP] (Underwater Propellers, Minimum Resistance Design) Immunity 1 (Drowning) [1PP] (Oxygen supply) Immunity 2 (Cold, Pressure; Flaws: Limited (Half Effect) [1PP] (Built-in Heat, Armor) Super-Strength 1 (Stacks to Super-Strength 2; Effective Strength +10; Heavy load: 2,100+ lbs.) [2PP] (Enhanced Musculature) Blaster Pack Blast 4 (Feats: Accurate, Homing, Precise) [11PP] (Laser Blast, Computer Guided Targeting System, Piercing Damage Type, Light, Heat) Flight Pack Flight 4 (Flight speed: 100MPH, 880 ft./rnd) [8PP] (Jetpack) Super-Strength 1 (Feats: Shockwave) (Stacks to Super-Strength 2; Effective Strength +10; Heavy load: 2,100 lbs.) [3PP] (Enhanced Musculature, Shockwave Generator) Stealth Pack Concealment 3 (Normal Auditory and Normal Visual Concealment) [6PP] (Sound Absorption, Holographic Field) Obscure 3 (Visual Obscure; Extras: Independent (+0); Flaws: Limited to One Sense [Normal Vision]) (25 ft. radius) [3PP] (Smoke Bombs) Super-Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling) [2PP] (Built-in Grip Claws) Tank Pack Impervious Toughness 7 [7PP] (Armor) Immovable 2 (Feats: Unstoppable) [4PP] (Armor) Drawbacks: (-3) = -3PP Normal Identity (Major, Uncommon; Free action to activate, Normal ID has no access to MarsTech Ultio SuitTM; Requires Ultio Belt to activate) [-3PP] DC Block Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus Unarmed Touch DC21 Tou (staged) Damage +6 Laser Blast 40 ft. DC19 Tou (staged) Damage +8, Precise, Requires Blaster Pack Shockwave 60 ft. Cone Area DC16 Ref Reduce Damage effect to DC18 Area, Requires Flight Pack DC21 TOU (staged) Damage Totals: Abilities (0) + Combat (0) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (7) + Feats (1) + Powers (64) - Drawbacks (3) = 79/79 Power Points
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