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Found 1 result

  1. The Immutable Betsy Brooks Power Level: 10/12 (180/190PP) Unspent Power Points: 10 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Slumming noble daughter of a magical family hunts monsters in the bayou. Catchphrase: "I wouldn't do that sweetie!" Theme: Power by RoxXxan Alternate Identity: Elizabeth Brooks Identity: Public Birthplace: London, England, United Kingdom Residence: Vibora Bay Base of Operations: Vibora Bay Occupation: Supernatural Bondwoman Affiliations: Mostly Independent Family: Lady Jacqueline Brooks (Mother) Eric Warrens (Father) Description: Age: 35 (DoB: 31th October 1984) Apparent Age: early 20's Gender: Female Ethnicity: Black, dual British / American citizen Height: 5'9" Weight: 120 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Despite being quite beautiful she's never really been concerned with following fashions and fade, dressing simply for comfort and utility. In her earlier day she dressed in a more punkish style, but she's toned this down to maybe her hair and the occasional band t-shirt. Whilst she needs to wear sunglasses in bright sunlight, a problem in her where she chooses to live right, it does give her a certain air of effortless coolness. She doesn't have a costume per se, but she does have her kick-ass coat, a long black coat that she brings out when she's going to deal with real problems. One of the only things she has from her father it holds a special place for her. Her powers don't seem to have any obvious effects, which is a shock when she shrugs off a hail of gunfire or a were-gators crawls. It take real skill to notice that she has anything betraying but it is there, her canines are a little larger and more pointed than most. History: In her younger day a wild and carefree days Jacqueline met and fell for a dashing young African-American man. There torrid romance was brief but it resulted in a the little surprise of Elizabeth. Because she was born out of wedlock, and from a very traditionally white family, Elizabeth was made very aware that she wasn't ever going to inherit the family title, though her mother loved her dearly and made sure she was given the best education money can buy. The real inheritance was from her father who was the descendant from a rare and unusual breed of African Vampire. As she grew she developed beyond human abilities and due to a unique combination of genetics she was immune to all supernaturally based abilities. This didn't help her rebellious nature, and quite a few times her family connections were used to keep her from being expelled from the school. Leaving school she was at a bit of loss as to what to do, she didn't need to work due to a small stipend from her mother, but she wanted to do something productive. She tried the armed forces and a very brief stint on a UK hero team, but her rebellious nature quickly meant she was gentle encouraged to move on. For a while she drifted from job to job not lasting long due to her willful nature and general inability to take people crap. After that she decided she should do something about finding out about th American side of her family, and find out quite why she had these bundle of abilities. Using her duel nationality she moved over to the states and track down her father in Vibora Bay and he introduced to the wild and wonderful world of the supernatural creatures that lived in the area. They never got close, and he quickly moved on with some kind of beef with vampires, but she found kinship with the supernatural local. Choosing to stay in the City for a while, she set herself up as a sort of sherif for them all, being immune to most of methods of coercion. Acting as part detective part bondswoman she offers her services to them, and sometimes others, whenever the needs arises. Personality & Motivation: Betsy has always been stubborn and willful, something that's only gotten more prevalent as she's gotten older. She doesn't suffer fools gladly and will happily let you know if she thinks your out of line. This is tempered somewhat by her manners and way of speech, some of her schooling stuck despite her best efforts over the years. Despite her brusque manner she actual care about people and tries when she can to help them, especially those that she feel aren't given the attention they deserved by everyone else. One thing she really helps is bullies, and woe betide if you act that way when she's around. Really she's a bit of a soft touch, though she normally manages to hide it very well. Finally she had a bit of an anarchic bent to her, often thumbing her noise at any authority figures, her family history not really helping in thus manner. Powers & Tactics: Trained in the toughest place in the world, a public Girls School, Betsy knows how to look after herself in a fight. She often gives the opponent a chance to fight fair, but if they don't she will fight down and dirty. Truth be told she's not a fan of fighting, though she knows she's modestly shes good at it, and will try her best to get her opponent to stand down. In fact she often manages to talk her opponent down before the fight even begins. Power Descriptions: Betsy's body has inherited her powers from her, distant, vampire heritage. Whilst she is still alive her flesh is stronger and more resilient than normal people and she doesn't seem to he effected by any poisons of pathogens, she also seems to be aging much more slowly than normal people. She's also apparently immune to all abilities possessed by supernatural creatures, for instance she can't be mesmerized by vampire or infected by lycanthropy, it's a totally passive ability and she's not always aware that her power is protecting her. On the counter it's also impossible for her to benefit from helpful supernatural abilities, however hard she tries. It also counters any effects they have to disguise supernatural creatures, in fact she can detect the presence of some purely on sight though she may not know quite what they are just that the person there looking at is supernatural in some way. Complications: Sunglasses after Dark: Betsy hasn't inherited many weaknesses from her vampire heritage, but she does have photosensitivity when in sunlight. Not a massive deal back home, but in the bright Florida skies it can cause her problems. Normally she wears sunglasses to counter this,but if by any chance she looses them she can suffer from mere irritation to almost blind depending on the GM's choice. The Red Urge: Betsy doesn't normally have any urges to consume blood, she loves her food thank you very much! But in certain circumstances large amount of blood the smell bring on well buried instincts. Which the GM can decide is enough to distract her from noticing things. Bloody Stubborn: Willful to a fault Betsy is very reluctant to give up on any problem until there no other options, and sometimes even beyond that. The GM can choose to say that Besty will continue on a course of action regardless of the circumstances. Credit to her kind: Betsy is well know as a defender of supernatural creatures living in and surrounding Vibora Bay, which is a double edged swords. Some "normal" people will flat out refuse to deal with her, despite how charming she can be (and she can be very charming). On the other sides supernaturals will often come to her to ask for help from trouble, and despite her sometime brusk nature she will try to help out if she can. Abilities: 10 + 4 + 10 + 2 + 6 + 8 = 40PP Strength: 20/30 (+5/+10) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 20/30 (+5/+10) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 18 (+4) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP Initiative: +2 Attack: +6 Base, +10 Melee Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +15/+23 Knockback: -2/-10 Saving Throws: 0 + 4 + 4 = 8PP Toughness: +5/+10 (+5/10 Con [Impervious 10]) Fortitude: +5/+10 (+5/+10 Con, +0) Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4) Will: +7 (+3 Wis, +4) Skills: 104R = 26PP Bluff 1 (+5) Diplomacy 1 (+5) Gather Info 11 (+15) Intimidate 11 (+15) Skill Mastery Investigate 9 (+10) Skill Mastery Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 9 (+10) Knowledge (Current Events) 9 (+10) Knowledge (Popular Culture) 9 (+10) Knowledge (Streetwise) 9 (+10) Languages 3 (French, Romanian, Spanish) (Base: English) Notice 12 (+15) Skill Mastery Sense Motive 12 (+15) Skill Mastery Stealth 8 (+10) Feats: 16PP All-Out Attack Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Benefit (Bondsman) Benefit (Wealth) Dodge Focus 4 Power Attack Skill Mastery (Intimidate, Investigate, Notice, Sense Motive) Takedown Attack Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Well-Informed Powers: 10 + 10 + 1 + 22 + 10 + 6 + 2 + 3 + 2 = 66 PP All powers have the Supernatural Inheritance descriptor Enhanced Constitution 10 (to Constitution 30 [+10]) [10PP] Enhanced Strength 10 (to Strength 30 [+10]) [10PP] Immunity 1 (Aging, Sleep Flaw: Half Effect) [1PP] Immunity 22 (Disease, Poison, Supernatural Effects) [22PP] Impervious Toughness 10 [10PP] Super-Sense 2 (Darkvision) [2PP] Super-Strength 3 (Effective Strength 45; Heavy Load: 6 tons) [6PP] Supernatural Awareness 3 (Sight based Awareness) [3PP] True Sight 4 (Counter Concealment and Counters Illusion, both Sight based; Flaw: From Supernaturals only) [2PP] Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed w/no Powers Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage [Physical] Unarmed Touch DC 25 Toughness Damage [Physical] Totals: Abilities (40) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (26) + Feats (16) + Powers (66) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/190 Power Points
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