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Found 1 result

  1. The Atlantis Casino Boardwalk, Freedom City, New JerseyTuesday. September, 1, 201511:24 PM Armed Robbery wasn't a new concept to the Freedom City's less than affluent Southside. In fact the recent string of robberies had a familiar air to them for the past three weeks. A group of thugs in gladiator clothing had been showing up throughout the area. Assaulting various civilians, robbing, and outright vandalism. Despite the public nature of their crimes the police had found no leads in tracking down the assailants. At least until 30 minutes ago. When the gladiators very publicly stormed the Atlantis Casino swiftly cutting through the well equipped security team and making their way inside. News of the attack spread quickly on every local media outlet. Police cars surrounded the entrance of the establishment. The flashing red and blue lights illuminating the street. A burgeoning crowd looking on in horror. With the FCPD trying their best to keep the civilians back as far as they could to no avail.. Out of direct sight from the commotion below, Foreshadow and Echo were looking down from the roof of a nearby Luxury hotel.
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