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Found 1 result

  1. The 76 acres of this remote retreat are on Wisdom Island just off the coast of Washington, at the end of a long dirt road along a mile of undeveloped shorefront. The heavily wooded site has a three-acre meadow and orchard inhabited by families of wild rabbits. Facing the meadow is the community center, a large inviting structure built of unfinished wood whose kitchen/dining area and meeting room with stone fireplace makes it the hub of activity. Painted along one side of the community center is an image of the Freedom League circa 1976, carefully maintained by the now-elderly original artist with the help of her grand-daughter who occasionally drives in from Emerald City, Oregon. Meals are served buffet-style, taken to long tables or outside in good weather, and each person is responsible for cleanup. Hot drinks are available throughout the day. The large windows at the back of the building look out to the woods and water below. Around the meadow, tucked between tall cedars and firs, are rustic cabins. They're furnished with bed, table, and chair, and heated with a woodburning stove (the woodpiles are around the back). Though the cabins have their own plumbing, many of the longtime residents prefer to use one of the two bath-houses. A puckish interior decorator gave each cabin a 'theme' during its reconstruction in the 1970s, and visitors may be amused to find themselves staying in the Centurion (with its faux-marble countertops and books of Latin poetry on the walls), the Lady Liberty (with its slightly faded red white and blue bunting), and the like. The facility has the largest spiritual library in the region and a substantial collection of books on CD, much to the pride of the elderly librarian, who has been here since before the arrival of the Super-Freaks, and indeed since he left his fellow Lor to seek Terran spiritual enlightenment. Built by Theosophists in the late 1920s, the encampment was acquired by the Super-Freaks in the mid-1970s when the regional chapter was at the height of its influence. Even today much of the Theosophical influence remains in the Super Freak community; in particular they practice lacto-vegetarianism, pacifism, and respect for all living creatures. The head of the community, Doris Kahn, teaches meditation during the summer camp and also offers a therapeutic touch program. There is a summer camp in July and August aimed at families, with both morning lectures and warm evening campfires. There are work weekends in other parts of the year where visitors can help with groundskeeping and building maintenance. There are other weekends for seminars and workshops on topics relating to the metaphysical interests of the Super Freaks. Private visitors who share the values of the Super-Freaks are welcome to stay provided they are willing to work. A trail winds above and along the shoreline leading to benches and grassy slopes that afford secluded outlooks across the bay. Attracted by the isolation and quiet of the island, bald eagles nest in the tall trees and otters have been frequently spotted along the shoreline. Though there have been many reported sightings of cryptids in the area since the 1920s, no reliable signs of cryptid settlement of any of the region's communities have ever been found on the island.
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