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Found 1 result

  1. Autobots of Freedom City Elite - if unconventional - team operating in full view of the human public, seeking to improve relationships between Earth and Cybertron. Lilium Magnus - Alt-mode is an accommodating minivan painted with a delightful flower motif. Undisputed ruler of a Cybertronian colony world. Gaian Prime - Transforms into an unassuming beige sedan. Wielder of the unfathomably powerful Star Saber. Tiamat - Headmaster who considers her massive dragon alt-mode her 'true' form. Comrade - Rusted out Soviet-era saloon. Affects an exaggerated accent. May actually be a variant of sparkeater. Solomus - Takes his name from one of the Thirteen. Rescue helicopter alt-mode equipped with loudspeakers. Interceptobots / Warden A combiner team formed of emergency response vehicles. Jacknife - Transforms into a fire engine, with his trademark swords forming his alt-mode's extendable ladder. Forms the torso and combiner-sized sword. Willow - Forest ranger off-road pickup truck. Robot mode has distinctive white pneumatics resembling hair. Forms the right arm. Bombshell - Classic sports car with concealed police siren. Has a bit too much fun messing with human law enforcement. Forms the left arm. Cure-All - Ambulance; spends a lot of time working in vehicle mode. Equipped with force field generators. Forms the right leg. Harrier - Armoured SWAT vehicle with an imposing pike. Spent centuries as a drone until shell program was broken. Forms the left leg. Gecko - Outrageously green motorcycle. Very close with human mechanic ally Elizabeth. Forms the chest plate/emblem. Dragonfly - Prototype single-seat aircraft with additional laser canon mode. Insists she is not actually part of the Interceptobots. Vince Villa and Elizabeth Lawless - Human allies. Dutemps Pretenders Protected by Senator Vulpes Caerus this group of outcasts uses mass-shifting technology to achieve three forms: a normal robot mode, robotic versions of monsters from Earth and Cybertron's mythologies and a 'Pretender' mode which can pass for human! Vulpes Caerus - Deceptively small mnemosurgeon with a turbofox alt-mode. Often introduces herself as 'Blue Fox' rather than reveal her high ranking status. Wraith - Adopts the form of a metal-eating horror of Cybertronian legend. Sentio metallico never fully solidified. Ghoststorm - Monster mode based on accounts of the Necrobot. Malfunctioning teleportation equipment allows passing through solid objects. Gruesome - Expert in human popular culture, based her monster mode on human ideas about alien invaders. Temperance - Outlier with uncanny control over dihydrogen monoxide. Monster mode appears to be made of ice. Tigerstripe - Bestial monster mode after a failed Transmetal 2 conversion. Master of Metallikato. Aquarius - Amphibious, frog-like monster mode. Uses mass-shifting to fit anything in her mouth. Mouth is pretty big to begin with anyway. Singularity - Not a Pretender, shares a chassis mold with Wander. Stays close to Aquaria and prefers not to fight. Black Nihilor - Deception defector who deals in the power of dark energon - the blood of Unicron. Took her name from a city destroyed during the war. Sean Tulip and Betty 'Blue' Byrd - Human allies. Knights of Liberty Pattern themselves after a legendary order that protected the rights of all sentient beings. Edgimus - Sports car alt-mode that looks like it was designed by an enthusiastic youth - chrome exhaust pipes, massive spoiler, bombastic paint job. Midnight - Black motorcycle with sidecars that deploy into different equipment. Assumed to have a damaged voice box, actually just doesn't talk much. Wander - Heavy duty SUV who saw traumatizing action fighting Terrorcons during the war. Tends to uproot street lamps to use as weapons. Cobalt Tempus - Semi truck with a trailer that transforms into even larger armour. Uses a Cyber Planet Key to deploy additional weaponry. Phalanx - Passenger jet alt-mode. Frequently saves the day by carrying actual passenger jets to safety. Psyche - Compact hybrid with an eye-popping paint job. Outlier capable of picking up the thoughts of other Cybertronians. Monsoon - Speed boat. Not entirely opposed to the idea of just conquering Earth. For the humans' own good, of course. Veronica 'Red' Byrd - Human ally. Misc. Shadowset and Sekhmech - Beast-formers from a colony world where Cybertronians are worshiped as gods by the native organics. Sun Walker - Transmetal beast-former with a robotic monkey alt-mode and a bestial robot mode. The Phantom Prime - Said to be a servant of the Thirteen. Titanic space cruiser alt-mode. Fabulous cape in robot mode. Almechist - Prim and proper Headmaster accidentally bonded to a rampaging Dinobot. Sparkler - Jet alt-mode. Everybody knows you can't trust jets, so tall and always thinking they're better than everyone! Frostbyte - Extremely friendly snowplow fascinated by human clothing. Frequently leaves roads snowier than before. Fast-Forward - Decepticon deserter turned entertainer. Sports car with gull-wing doors. Hologram - Decepticon deserter turned entertainer. Stylish but practical minivan. Thoughtspeed - Young bot raised by Fast-Forward and Hologram. Front-wheel drive coupe.
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