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Found 1 result

  1. Right, so, probably everyone has seen this announcement, yes? So, Bad Things Happening out in the far reaches of space, Bad Stuff coming to Earth, etc. etc. etc. New PCs! New Adventures! But while the good part of all the talk of new Space PCs is that there's energy and excitement about this, the bad part is that things are a touch confusing (at least for some of us) on who's planning what and who and how! The idea behind this thread is that everyone who's looking to make Space-focused PCs (that is, a character who's going to be doing most of their adventuring out beyond Terra in the Sol System), and figure out what sorts of characters are being made, what sorts of groups might arise from this, and how (maybe) PCs can pool together to pay for Vehicles/HQs (aka SPACESHIP). I'm going to make 2 more posts. One for characters, and one for groups. As a suggestion, I'm going to try and include this information in the characters list: PC Name. Player. Origin: Earth, Lor, Grue, etc Archetype: Powerhouse, Gadgeteer, Battlesuit, etc. Mode of Travel: Spaceship, Self-propelled, Gates, etc Typical Haunts: Lor Space, Grue Space, Unclaimed Space, Stellar Khanate, etc On the Groups list: PCs (and players) involved. Formed already or will form Spaceship or spaceships involved. Base of operations, if any Basically, the idea is to make it easy to find out, at a glance, what PCs are active, how they operate, where they operate, and what group they're in.
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