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Found 4 results

  1. Poodle

    Create object?

    Hi, just wondering. If I had create object at Pl10 could I make a sword out of it? What damage would it do? Could I make armour? What toughness would it be? Is create object limited by pl? Thanks guys in advance.
  2. Hi everybody! As you know in just over a week, Spaaaace hits Freedom City. There are going to be a lot of new PCs, and Space events both large and small. In order to help simplify and clarify spaaace, the refteam have agreed on two rule clarifications and expansions.
  3. Change to Non Canon and Retired PC post counts. Aka "Special Edition / Guest Starring..." By default, using a retired PC, or being involved in a non-canon post (such as "What if" or "Alternative Versions of...") means that posts are worth 1/2 of normal. The reason for this has been to stop over-use of such threads. Unfortunately, despite them being a comic book staple, the effect has been to effectively completely stop them. Therefore, each month, you are allowed to nominate one, and only one of your threads as either a "Special Edition" (For a non-canon thread), or "Guest starring..."
  4. This thread has served us very well for many years, but it has been supplanted by The House Rules Manual, under 'Manual, Getting Started' in the tabs at the top of the forum. Please go to the Manual for up-to-date house rules. This thread will no longer be used or updated. - Fox, 2018/09/06 House Rules Freedom City Play-by-Post defaults to using Ultimate Power for rules on Powers, and the core Mutants & Masterminds 2E rulebook for everything else. Anything from another book which is not specifically listed here must be approved
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